Tuesday, March 10, 2009

600th post

600 posts.  Can you believe it?  I can't believe I've had
enough to say that I've written this many!  Funny thing is, now I
dream about blog posts...think about them when I'm at the grocery're lucky I don't post all that I'm thinking!  Here's a link to my very first blog post ever.

In honor of 600 blog posts, I'd like to have a random giveaway.

Post a comment telling me one thing you'd really like accomplish this year.

it.  Nothing don't have to jump through any
hoops...just post something that you'd really like to accomplish this
year.  Maybe you want to organize all your photos...or maybe you
want to lose 10 lbs...or maybe you want to go skydiving.  Whatever
it is, there is no wrong answer.  You have until midnight on Thursday night 3/12 to post your comment. 
A random winner will be chosen & will receive a free Midnight
Madness for you & a friend (worth $24).  How cool is that?

me?  What would I like to accomplish this year?  I'd like to
find balance.  At work.  At home.  In my checkbook. 
In my scrapbooking (thus the challenge pages...there's only so much
time for masterpieces).  With exercise.  So many things to
balance, so little time.  But now that I've typed'll be on
my mind & that's a good thing.

Thanks for reading all I've had to say since January 2007! 


  1. This year I would like to finish scrapbooking my engagement, bridal
    shower, wedding and honeymoon pictures. That's it, not too much to ask

  2. I would like to accomplish the art of remaining calm in situations. I
    tend to get worked up over things that I have no control over and
    frankly can't change, so there is no use in getting worked up in the
    first place.

  3. I want to get all my photos out of the filing cabinet and into albums
    to enjoy.

  4. Happiness is what I'd like to accomplish this year. Not that I'm not
    happy, but more of it would be great.

  5. Love the blog and I will be ready for the next 600 posts!
    My "One Word" for 2009 is Freedom - so that is what I hope to achieve
    this year. Freedom from feeling guilty about not being caught up on my
    scrapbooking; freedom to create without pressuring myself for every page
    to be magazine worthy; and finally, freedom from past hurts and from my

  6. My "bucket list," or at least one thing on it for this year is to finish
    at least 25 pages in my albums!

  7. I would LOVE to accomplish getting at least my grandkids 1st 3 yrs done,
    getting their scrapbooks completed. considering that they are 4,5 and
    I would LOVE to get myself a little more motivated to walk more for
    myself, a stress reliver to help me relax, and sleep better if not just
    for exercise!

  8. One thing I'd like to accomplish this year is to move up to a digital
    SLR camera and learn how to use it well!

  9. This year I would like to get our move accomplished sooner rater than

  10. This has required a day of thought! An immediate thing I'd like to
    accomplish is to finish the December Daily project by the end of this
    month, and I guess for the year, to stay focused on taking ACTION more
    consistently instead of procrastinating.

  11. Just reread the very first blog post, when will we be posing for
    pictures around town? Looking our loveliest?

  12. Beside my usual wants of losing weight, getting organized, etc; I hope
    to do more "out of the box" scrapbooking with learning new techniques
    and scraplifting

  13. I'd like to get myself into better shape...I loath exercise and get on a
    kick and give I'm going to try that again. Also I'd like to
    actually USE some of the craft items I've been hording....hmmm this is
    sounding more like I'd like to "follow through".

  14. Hmm.. First, my wedding scrapbook and to also just feel "accomplished". I
    love the feeling of waking up and having a list of junk to do and then
    getting em done before 11. and then having the whole day to hang out and
    just do what i want to do. I love that feeling at the end of the day
    where you go "WOW! I did all that? Really?" It's a great feeling. I
    definitely want to feel more of that.

  15. I want to learn more this year....learn about new scrapbooking products,
    learn how to take better pictures, learn to sew or knit something new,
    learn new recipies. Learn new things about the people I love.

  16. This year I want to follow through with my weight loss goals...and I
    really want to get my house organized, finish some scrapbooks I have
    started, and get more in to sewing.

  17. It would have to be ORGANIZATION! We recently gave our spare room a few
    cabinets for...YES! my craft supplies! :)I'm just SO excited I don't
    know where to begin. LOL.

  18. I would like to find an area to devote specifically to cropping. I'm
    always packing everything away so I just don't get to everything, or I
    forget what I have.