Tuesday, March 17, 2009

4 Days

4 days.  My daughter has been in Texas for 4 days.  And you
know, I miss her.  Don't tell her I said that...I'll deny
it.  But I miss the constant chatter...the tell tale knocking of
her phone signaling yet another text message...the moodiness...I miss it
all.  My sister in law sent a few photos to show us what Kendall
& Sean were up to...they went to an exotic animal preserve...

Looks like a deer to me...not so exotic (at least in Arizona) but
I'm sure Audra will point out that it's some rare deer like creature
from the Andes or something...and check out Kendall's purse...another
sister in law gave it to her...dang thing is big enough to hold a
toddler...and hey, she's wearing the shoes that look just like
mine!  (she's totally mad I have the same ones, but come on, they
were $9 how could I not get them?)

Kisses anyone?  Here's Sean...I think he's driving Kendall a
little's good for her though.  She's an only child so
she's used to lots of quite, alone time.  Sean is the oldest of 3
boys with a lot of energy.  I think he's giving her a run for her

Kendall loves Texas...thinks we should move there...I like
Flagstaff & think we should stay here.  Let's see who wins :)

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