Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Contest Winner

Congratulations to  Austina Manygoats, she's the winner of our Contest Kit for March!


April Contest Kits will be available by the end of the day April 1st.  We can't wait to see what you come up with!

April Classes

April 2nd thru 4th Our Annual No Foolin' Sale...don't miss it!

$1 Make-n-Takes every Thursday, all day long


Midnight Madness:  4/3, 4/10, 4/17, 4/24


Wednesday, 4/8 6:30 pm Fun with Acetate  Birthday Book $18 
Lots of techniques in this class:  Zutter binding, circle cutters,
QuicKutz, transparencies, chipboard, oh my!  You get to pick the


Tuesday 4/14 11:00 am and again Saturday, April 18th 10:30 am Paper Play with Andi:  Paper Flowers $15  Make these stunning flowers...all 5 of them! 


Wednesday, 4/15 6:30 pm "I Love You" Acetate Book
$22  Super cute 6x12 mini book made from acetate sheets (that we
lovingly refer to as placemats), laser cut paper, chipboard &
more!  The class project will actually be in brown & pink.



Saturday 4/18 1:30 am Basic Grey All About Me #4 $25  Completed project photo coming soon...this class focuses on your quirks...I know, me, I don't have any quirks!


Tuesday 4/21 11:00 am Distressing Techniques $15 Project coming soon....


Wednesday 4/22 6:30 pm Cards with Mindy
$22  Mindy is such a clever girl!  Come make 5 adorable
all occasion cards with her! (she's even using the new Bazzill


Saturday 4/25 8 am to 8 pm All Day Crop $28


Tuesday 4/28 11 am Made in Minutes
$18  This page takes more than a few minutes, but it's really
cool!  You'll get to pick your paper & create this great layout
using the circle cutter & other circular items.


Wednesday 4/29 6:30 am Fast & Easy Pages $22  Another clas you pick the paper for. Come & make these two layouts:


Nope, Sherry didn't have her baby...that's her niece



And you'll need to hurry to reserve your spot for the National Scrapbook Day 3 Day Crop...there are only 4 spots left!

$125 for 3 days of fun

Friday 5/1 4 pm to Midnight (includes dinner)

Saturday 5/2 8 am to Midnight (includes breakfast & lunch)

Sunday 5/3 8 am to 4 pm (includes brunch)

Annual No Foolin' Sale

Starts Thursday!  Well, unless you're on our email might want to sign up :)

NoFoolinPostcard for web  


Monday, March 30, 2009

A few favorites...

Here are some things I'm loving right now:

1. Yes to Carrots! 
I've been reading about it in various magazines & found it on sale
at Safeway this weekend.  I bought the facial cleanser & the
body butter...both are fabulous!  And the best part, they haven't caused any adverse reactions.

  Carrots Face Wash  Carrot BB 

A side note:  I found a website where you can type in a product you use & see what it's toxicity level is.  Very interesting website.  Click hereto
check it out.  Found out my favorite face cream, which is organic,
has a toxicity level of 6.  I find that disturbing for a "natural

2. American Crafts Thickers in Chit Chat
They just make me happy!  I'm finding ways of putting them on
every project that I make lately.  We have the white &
tangerine...but now I think we need the other colors, too! 


3.  Honest Tea Community Green Tea
Love that stuff!  Other than it tastes fabulous, I think I love
the quotes on the inside of the bottle cap.  My cap today says
"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenevever they
go".  Oscar Wilde

Honest tea

4.  We R Memory Keepers 12x12 Linen Albums.  I have 30+ of Silverstone Linen 12x12 Ring filled to the brim with their 12x12 photo sleeves.  Practice what you preach, that's what I say.

5.  My Nikon D80.  The white balance issues are my doing...but I'm learning to correct them.


6. Prima Orange Bonnet Flowers.  Just looking at them makes me smile.


7.  Shaun Cassidy.  "Hey Deenie", "Da do run run", "Do You Believe in Magic"...what's not to love?


I think I've been listening to Sirius 70's too much....because
I'm also lovin' The Bay City Rollers again..."Rock-n-Roll Love
Letter", "SATURDAY

Bay city     

8.  Art Institute Glue.  Always a favorite!  The stuff
sticks to almost anything.  Doesn't stink.  Dries clear,
flexible & acid free.  Make a project with it & it will
stay glued.  Now that's impressive!

Art glue 

9.  Sassafraslass.  It's fresh...funky...and oh so fun to create with! Here's an image from their blog:


10.  Big Picture Scrapbooking.  Looking so forward to taking this Wellness Journey class...


Maybe some of these will become your favorites, too!  Enjoy!


What a busy weekend!  We had an All Day Crop at the store, did a fabulous make-n-take


& then I headed to the Sedona Scrapbooking Retreat
to teach a class that Sherry designed.  The gals seemed to really
like it (didn't even think to take a photo of it...sorry!)  I was
too tired Saturday night to make anything...but Sunday morning I made
some great pages (photos coming soon!).  One was a Sea World page
from 2003...Kendall did the Dolphin Interaction Program
& I found the "professional" shots the other day.  HAD to get
them scrapbooked!   In October I signed up for a Big Picture
Scrapbooking class called Design Your Life.  Here's the link
to the pages I made.  While I printed up the entire 12 week class,
that's all I did for it.  So yesterday I caught up on a couple of
lessons, making 3 pages.  Feels good to be getting caught up! 
I have to admit that part of the motivation to get them done is because
I signed up for three more Big Picture Scrapbooking classes.  Cathy Zielske's Everyone Can Write a Little, a Project Now! class and I'm really excited about The Wellness Journey
with Lisa Cohen.  Do I have time to take the classes? 
No.  But I really want to, so I'm going to find the time.  I'd
like to get the Design Your Life class mostly done before my Wellness
Journey starts on April 9th...that's my goal anyway. 

to add:  I just received a link for discounts on the Big Picture
Scrapbooking classes...if you want them, just send me an email &
I'll forward the link to you.

You may be wondering why I'd take classes...I mean, I spend my day
teaching classes...teaching people to scrapbook...think outside the
box.  Well, there's lots of stuff out there for me to learn.  And I'm excited
There's stuff I want to teach you, too!  So part of taking classes
is a confidence builder.  Fresh ideas.  And a little "me"
time, too.  I'm even contemplating taking a photography class at CCC this summer...where I'll find 3 hours a night is beyond me, but I really want to take it.  And I still really want to learn how to felt.  The new yarn store Purl in the Pines has classes...  And I want to learn how to do this, too:


What kind of classes do you want to take?

Just a quick reminder, there's still time to enter the Color Contest
I've gotten some great suggestions already!  I'll be presenting
your color combos to my husband Tuesday get your suggestions
in soon!  Contest ends at midnight on Tuesday & the winner (s)
will be announced Wednesday.  If it helps you to pick out colors, I
like to pretend that I live in a beach house :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Color Suggestions & a Giveaway

My house needs new paint...very badly.  I can help you pick out
fantastic paper to match your photos, help you create layouts you'll
love, create fabulous cards.  But picking a paint color for my
house?  Difficult for me.  Very.


See the buckled paint next to the door?  And running down the
side of the house?  That's thanks to some serious drainage issues
this winter.  And those shake shingles on the side?  Hate
them.  Always have.  And when the shingles come off, the
shutters have to be replaced.  We painted the house a few years
ago, but didn't use the best paint.  It's actually a little
embarrassing.  We got this paint from Kelly Moore (I think) that's
called Rhino.  Rhino is paint that is created from all the paint
that gets returned.  They mix it up in a big vat, pour it into 5
gallon buckets, call it Rhino & sell it dirt cheap.  It's not a
bad color...but it didn't last (and it was full of all this lumpy stuff
& my brother was NOT happy with us for choosing it). 
So.  Here we are.  Needing a paint job.  And my husband
wants to get more Rhino...but from the City Landfill.  Did you know
they mix all the paint that people recycle into their very own color
& give it away.  Um, no.  So you need to help me. 


Here's the front of my house.  My roof shingles are black &
my gutters are white.  The windows are white, too.  And yes, I
realize I need to do some serious yard work.  I'll get to
it.  Someday.  Remember, the shake shingles have to go. 
Man I hate them. 

To inspire you to help me out we'll have
a little give away.  Leave a comment with a link to the color
combo you think I should use (house & trim).  I'm a visual
girl.  I need photos.  You can post them on your blog...send
me to a link you found online...whatever.  You have until the end
of the day, Tuesday, March 31st to post your entry.  And you can
post more than one link.  I'll choose the color combo I like the
most & that person will win a Remake Mat Pad from K & Company:

 921146-tmb 921160-tmb 921139-gen 921122-tmb
pads are made from recycled paper & I love them!  They are a
print on one side & a solid on the other...VERY versatile! 
(And the 12x12 pads are what I have at home to scrapbook with because
they give you 2 colors on every sheet...the 12x12 are

Something you should know about me in advance.  I hate
yellow.  Not in a million years will my house be yellow.  So
if you'd like a chance to win a fabulous Remake Mat Pad, you won't send
me yellow combos, because you won't win.  I won't pick you. 
Even if you think, oh, she'll love THIS yellow.  No.  I won't.  Promise.

There could be more than one winner.  I could love a lot of the combos.  Let's see what you come up with!

to add:  anyone can enter!  My best friends, my favorite
niece, my sister in law...anyone with a good idea...I won't pick you
because I love you, only the colors I like will win :)  So no


I was all geared up to do a post about working on the next couple of
months class know, asking you what you'd want to
see....any hopes, wishes, dreams...and then I came across Kendall's
camera, which was filled with images from her trip to San Antonio. 
Far more entertaining!


Well hello there.  Nice smile!


Thought we'd do a class on perspective...she got this one right...clever girl!


Wasn't expecting to see a Texas.


This one reminded me of that old show Hee Haw...made me giggle...and now I have that John Denver song "Grandma's Feather Bed" running through my head...(this link is to the Muppet's version...Audra should like that!) (I LOVE John Denver.)


They went to visit a cavern...most of the shots are color, but
somewhere along the way she changed the camera setting to black &
white...wonder if she knew it?  I wonder if she knew that I had the
flash turned off...I never use the flash...ever.  Maybe that's how she got the black & white...oops!


She had all sorts of rock photos from the gift shop, maybe...anyway this one was really cool!

of cool, we have Midnight Madness tonight...a few spots are still
left...and my husband is working it.  This morning he dropped a
packet of photos into my purse...turns out they're his SWAT photos &
he plans on scrapbooking them tonight.  How cool is that? 
And tomorrow we have an All Day Crop...still a few spots left for that,
too.  They'll be making a fun 12x12 page that I'll post soon...they
get to see it first :)  And I'm very excited that we'll be having a
Taco Bar for lunch.  Yum!  Mexican food is my favorite!  Then I'll be headed down to the Sedona Scrapbooking Retreat to teach a class.  Might even spend the night & work on the new class schedule. 

one more thing...I keep putting off telling you, because if I don't
tell you, it's not real, right?  Sherry, our very pregnant &
very talented teacher, is on bed rest for a bit.  You may see her
here & there, but she's got to keep that bun in the oven for at
least 10 more weeks.  So she'll be layin' down at home, wishing she
were scrapbooking with you.  Send happy thoughts her way!

yet one more thing...the classes that are on the schedule for the first
week of April are going to be rescheduled.  Mindy was to teach
them, but she has to go to London for work...which was unexpected, but
totally delightful!  Make sure to take your camera Mindy!  I
wish my job would send me to London...better have a talk with my boss :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My best friend is famous...

well kinda...Audra is the party girl in, she LOVES
to throw a hostess with the mostess, you know that kind of
party girl!  One of her packaging ideas (that clever girl!) was
featured on a website called Garnish.  You can check out her post right here.  Congratulations Audra!

What's on your iPod?

I was straightening up this morning & found my iPod.  It's
been missing for a while.  When you have a teenager, many things go
missing....anyway, Kendall's iPod Nano was on the fritz a while
back....actually, I think she just wanted a new one & said
it was on the I let her use mine.  Now, mine is not
new.  It's a 1st or 2nd generation iPod Mini made in 2004. 

Apple_ipod_mini various colors

She was totally offended she'd have to use my ancient iPod.  I must's thick...almost 1/2 an inch...and heavy...a couple of ounces at least...and it's silver
Man, it IS ancient!  So she borrowed mine & uploaded her
music...which deleted mine.  At the time I was only a little
sad...but this morning looking at my iPod with my teenagers music on it I
became nostalgic for my songs.  For instance, my favorite workout
song of all time is Will Smith's "Switch"
(I don't know how to upload youtube, so you'll just have to click on
it)...that song just might change your opinion of me :)  And the
song that I HAVE to run to is Kenny Loggins "Footloose" (not that I run now...unless I'm being chased)...LOVE that movie!  Oh, and the soundtrack from "Lord of the Dance" (I made Don see Lord of the Dance in Vegas...I LOVED it!) and Happy Feet.  And Celine Dion's "It's All Coming Back to Me Now"...I
want to sing at the top of my lungs everytime I hear this song...which
I'm doing now :)  (made Don see her in Vegas, too...LOVED it, too!)

Come to think of it, maybe it's better that Kendall erased my playlist....

to add:  My iPod is officially extinct.  I tried to charge it
& iTunes says it has a fatal error.  Could it have been my
singing?  Quite possibly.  Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring
me a new one...that is, if he hasn't heard me sing :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's back....


Hurry in to get yours....they go QUICK!

March Contest Entries

Every month we have a contest with our customers.  You purchase a
kit with supplies in it & create anything your heart
long as it includes at least a little of everything in the kit. 
Entries are due by the 20th of that month & customers vote on their
favorites through the end of the month.  The winner gets a $20 gift
certificate to About Memories & More.  Pretty cool,

Here are the entries for this month:  March mosaic 

You'll have to come by & see them in person...they are AWESOME! 

April contest kits will be available April 1st...they go fast...make sure you get yours! 

Monday, March 23, 2009

Upcoming Events

  • Midnight Madness this Friday, March 27th ($12) and an All Day Crop
    Saturday, March 28th ($28).  Still a couple of spots left in
    both...we'd love to have you!  All Day Crops include lunch & a
    make-n-take...usually a page...and special cropper only discounts.

  • Beat the Heat Shop Hop April 14th through May
    2nd.  Purchase a passport for $5 at About Memories & More (or a
    passport & a tote for $14.99) and you're entitled to a 15% discount
    at 9 participating stores in Arizona (20% if you purchase the
    tote).  Click here for more information. 
    Even if you don't plan to visit other stores it's worth it to get the
    passport for the discount, plus, there are prizes for visiting stores
    & filling your passport.  It's pretty cool!  Oh, and we'll
    have a gift certificate & gift basket that one of our Shop Hoppers
    will win!

  • National Scrapbook Day 3 Day Crop  May 1st,
    2nd & 3rd ($125).  You'll get to scrapbook Friday, 4 pm to
    midnight, Saturday, 8 am to midnight, and Sunday 8 am to 4 pm. 
    Cost includes dinner Friday, breakfast & lunch Saturday, and brunch
    on Sunday.  Plus a fantastic make-n-take that you're going to

  • Thursday Make-n-Takes for $1!  Stop by
    Thursdays, any time, to make these great cards for just $1 each. 
    It's a great little break from your normal routine!  Plus, they're
    quick & easy (& did I mention they're just a buck?)  We
    sell out of them by the end of each Thursday, so stop in early to make

  • And we have a class schedule just filled with inspiration!  Projects for April are done & at the store!  Click here to see the schedule.

  • Don't forget to come by & vote for your favorite project this
    week!  Customers purchased contest kits & turned in their
    projects.  YOU decide who wins the gift certificate to the store!  Check back later today for photos of the entries.

Something to think about...

I was catching up on my magazines this weekend and ran across this
quote in Body + Soul (which I apparently subscribed to when I ordered
business cards...go figure):

live each day as if it were your last, you would be trying to remedy
all the mistakes you had made, all the regrets, all the things
unsaid.  If you live each day as if it were your first, you are
freed from all obligations, all guilt, all regret."
from Breathing Space:  Twelve Lessons for the Modern Woman by Katrina Repka & Alan Finger

Profound, if you think about it.  And that's what I've been doing...thinking about it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random Shots

We're making up a postcard for the store & I had to take a whole
lotta photos.  I've determined that while our new store is
FABULOUS, the lighting is not.  At 7 am it's in the 10
am the sun's in your 4 pm there are cars & trees reflected
in the night?  Well, that turned out kinda
cool...lets not get me started about the yellowish slat wall....and
oops!  Totally forgot to take photos of the classroom.  Will
have to work on that one.

Here are some of my favorite shots:

Inside & to the right.  The new store is long.


Beautiful Bazzill cardstock.


The store front at night...So glad Audra showed us how to make those tissue paper pom-poms!  LOVE them!


No part of the sign is's bright red...but man is it
bright!  I'm fairly certain you can see it from Mars!  I know
you can see it from the top of Cedar it?  Probably
not.  See it?  Definitely!

Thursday Make-n-Take

I'm in the mood for $1 make-n-takes today, so we'll be making this:


Make one...make ten...doesn't matter...they're a buck a
piece.  And you'll get to try out the new Theresa Collins unmounted
rubber stamps...which I love, even more, I think, than acrylic. 
See you soon!  (I saw this Monday, but it's so darn
easy, we had to make it again!) 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Sale 3/18/09

QuicKutz Silhouette Digital Craft Cutter was $ just $175!
Buy any punch and get the 2nd one for half off!*
Buy any QuicKutz and get the 2nd one half off!*

*half item is of equal or lesser value...Silhouette doesn't count for the 1/2 off item
sale is just for today, Wednesday, 3/18/09, and is limited to stock on
hand...cannot be combined with other discounts or coupons.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

4 Days

4 days.  My daughter has been in Texas for 4 days.  And you
know, I miss her.  Don't tell her I said that...I'll deny
it.  But I miss the constant chatter...the tell tale knocking of
her phone signaling yet another text message...the moodiness...I miss it
all.  My sister in law sent a few photos to show us what Kendall
& Sean were up to...they went to an exotic animal preserve...

Looks like a deer to me...not so exotic (at least in Arizona) but
I'm sure Audra will point out that it's some rare deer like creature
from the Andes or something...and check out Kendall's purse...another
sister in law gave it to her...dang thing is big enough to hold a
toddler...and hey, she's wearing the shoes that look just like
mine!  (she's totally mad I have the same ones, but come on, they
were $9 how could I not get them?)

Kisses anyone?  Here's Sean...I think he's driving Kendall a
little's good for her though.  She's an only child so
she's used to lots of quite, alone time.  Sean is the oldest of 3
boys with a lot of energy.  I think he's giving her a run for her

Kendall loves Texas...thinks we should move there...I like
Flagstaff & think we should stay here.  Let's see who wins :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

The 2nd Annual Beat the Heat Shop Hop is Coming Soon!

2009 Beat the Heat Hop Passport CoverWHAT IS THE BEAT THE HEAT SHOP HOP?
Beat the Heat Shop Hop is a Shop Hop to 9 Scrapbook and Rubber Stamp
Stores in Arizona.   This exciting event offers discounts for
shopping, prizes and more... read on!

Dates:  Tuesday, April 14 - Saturday, May 2, 2009

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE?  Anyone can participate.  You will need to purchase a Beat the Heat Shop Hop Passport from any participating store. 

WHAT DO I NEED TO PARTICIPATE? A Beat the Heat Shop Hop Passport (see photo above left).

  • Beat the Heat Shop Hop Passports are available from any participating store for $5.00.  HURRY - Passport price increases to $7.00 after the event begins.

    • Your Shop Hop Passport is a directory to all participating stores,
      with a regional map, and a local map for each store.  It also
      includes special 'Shop Hop Hours' for each store.

    • Your Shop Hop Passport provides you with a 15% discount at any
      participating store, during the shop hop (*certain items excluded, see
      store for details). Beat the Heat Tote Bag

  • BONUS - Purchase your
    Passport AND a Beat the Heat Shop Hop Tote Bag and bring your Beat the
    Heat Hop Tote Bag during the shop hop to receive an additional 5% discount (for a total of a 20% discount)!

  • HURRY - Purchase by March 29th to receive the EARLY BIRD PRICE of $14.99 for the Tote Bag and Passport.

  • Tote Bag and Passport Regular Price (valid after March 30th) is:  $18.99 

Please Note:  You may download the Passport Registration Form here and take it (or send it) with your payment to one of the participating stores.

Passports and tote bags will be available for pick up at participating stores in early April 2009.


$1000 in Scrapbook and Rubber Stamp prizes will be awarded through a
random drawing for shop hoppers that visit all 9 participating
stores.  Please watch the website: for additional prize details.

9 Scrapbook and Rubber Stamp stores are Participating.

For a list of Participating Stores, with their location on a Map, CLICK HERE.

Beat the Heat Shop Hop Passport contains a listing for each
participating store, with the stores' contact information, shop hop
hours and a local map to help you navigate to the store.  Passports
are $5.00, and are available from each participating store.

Beautiful Weather

What a beautiful weekend we just had!  My daughter & nephew
made it to San Antonio safe & sound...and they're having a
BLAST!  My sister-in-law is a big she's having jumping
contests with them (out of swings) & playing basketball...and then
falling into bed at night.  I think the kids just might wear her
out!  Saturday, my husband went to a Sun's game with my brother
(which they won) so I had the night to myself.  I invited Ray to
spend the night with me & the two of us had a blast!  We
watched "The Emperor's New Grove" (love it!) & played
Candyland.  Wish I would have taken photos....

And Sunday,
Ray, Aj, their mama Kris, Don & I went to Sedona for a picnic. 
So pretty!  And I remembered to take photos :)

Ray...recuperating from the "strenuous" hike.

Ray's mom told him to "strike a pose" and this is what we got...


Isn't he cute?

See, he smiles!

Just what you want to see when you're hiking with two little kids...

AJ had it easy....back to being serious AJ

Mia loves to stick her face out the window when we drive...I know,
bad dog owner.  We have to roll the window up pretty high, or
she'll stick her legs out there too.

And sticking her head out the window gives her a funky
does jumping in a puddle & rolling around in the sand...did I
mention Westies are dirty little pigs?