Thursday, February 19, 2009

Saturday's Basic Grey Class...Betcha Didn't Know

Here's the class sample for the Basic Grey All About Me class on
Saturday.  Sherry's teaching...there are still one or two spots
available if you're interested (and one or two kits from the first
class, too...which, if you want the free kit at the end, you have to
take all 12 classes/kits)


theme of these pages is "Betcha didn't know".  Sherry did hers
about her impending motherhood.  Yours would be entirely
different...which is one thing I love about this different
the pages turn out...and I love seeing your photos! 

Here are some things I betcha didn't know about me:

1.  I was engaged when I was 18...not married, thank heavens! 
The guy I was engaged to at 18 married my best friend's husbands ex
wife (you follow that?) a couple of years ago.  It lasted 6 weeks.
3.  I was a detention officer for 3 years.
4.  I have a degree in Criminal Justice.
I am fascinated with forensic pathology & have been since I was
12.  There was an article in the PARADE section of the newspaper
about the unsolved murder of actor Bob Crane & I knew right then I
wanted to solve his murder. 
6.  I worked in a doctors office for 8 years.
7.  Then I worked for a midwife for 2 years.
8.  And I've owned the scrapbook store for over 7 years.
When I was in 7th grade I had my first kiss in front of the ice
rink...Todd Anderson.  I wouldn't recognize him if he were standing
in front of me right now.
10.  I've lived in Flagstaff since I
was 7...well, except for 5th grade, when my mom got tired of my brother
& I screaming "we want to live with our dad!" & off we went to
live in Tucson for a year.  Never did that again.
11.  I met my husband in jail.
12.  I love a man in uniform :)
I hate the number 13.  I won't stop a chapter of a book at 13...I
have to read at least a page into chapter 14...if I'm at the end of
chapter 12, I have to read through to 14. 
14.  I used to
love scary movies.  But the last one I saw, The Strangers, scared
the crap out of me & I'm pretty sure I'm done with scary
movies...Kendall keeps trying to get me to take her to rated R scary
movies...I don't think so!
15.  I miss my tv...a lot.  And
I'm embarrassed to admit it.  2 more days til DirecTv comes to fix
the satellite dish!

16.  All of my immediate family lives in
Flagstaff.   I love that my family is all here.  Right
where I need them.

17. I bake a pretty awesome cake...and have made 2 wedding cakes...and one graduation cake that was just like a wedding cake.

18.  I don't really like ice cream.  Give me no bake cookies any day!  But ice cream I can almost always pass up.

19.  I have been missing an old friend that fell out of touch a LOT lately.

20.  I'm a sentimental fool...I take everything personally & get my feelings hurt very easily...

Which is a contradiction to the fact that I'm so opinionated.  As
my old friend said "you can dish it out but can't take it".  Yep,
that's me.

22.  I have a knot in my stomach about doing taxes this morning...happens every year though.

I LOVE doing crafts.  ESPECIALLY scrapbooking.  Paper crafts,
too.  Sewing?  Not so much.  And I want to learn to felt
cute little animals.

24.  I lOVE taking photos...of Ray.  He's 3.  He's easy. 

I am completely intimidated of taking photos of adults.  I am
uncomfortable with posing...or knowing when to take the shot...telling
someone to act natural just doesn't cut it.  So I take 500 photos
in an hour.  You're guaranteed to get a couple of good shots that

26. I used to tole paint & sell my creations at craft
fairs.  My mom cut out the wood for me & I painted them. 

A few years back, I went on the Soroptomists Home Tour & saw one of
the ornaments I had made years ago hanging on a Christmas tree in one
of the houses.

I could keep going, but it's time to head out for that tax appointment...Anything I need to know about YOU?


  1. Too bad the woman from #2 doesn't read the blog - she'd be excited for
    the shout out!
    Is it time for cake sampling then?
    We should team up on photos, you take the awesome pictures, I'll style
    the shoot - plan?
    Hoping the friend in #19 surprises you with a phone call!

  2. Kirsten, by all means, DO keep going! You're a very interesting person,
    and I really enjoyed reading these facts about you! Unfortunately, I
    probably eat enough ice cream for both of us! That's why you're so thin
    and I'm NOT!

  3. hmmm.. I am afraid to drive on the highways next to or even passing
    those BIG trucks! (my hubby says I'll never run away - to many trucks
    on the road to get anywhere)
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE Ice-cream!
    when I was in the 7th grade I was actually talked to about competing in
    the JR. Olympics for track in Quebec Canada.. but I was in foster care
    and they said they don't pay for that!
    I have a fetish with paper.. like ya didn't already know that Kirsten..
    I have NEVER NEVER NEVER even tried to smoke YUK!!
    there's a few.. betcha didn't know's.

  4. 1. I was once a stunt driver for the Marlboro Adventure Team (Jet Skis).
    Totally an accident, the guy they hired didn't know how to drive one,
    so he rode on the back with me :)
    2. I'm kind of a computer geek...(is your internet still working?)
    3. I used to bake wedding cakes too, stopped when everyone I baked for
    ended up divorced, I felt like I was jinxing them!
    Have a great day, TAXES suck, but when it's over you can take a deep
    breath and have a glass of wine!