Friday, February 13, 2009

No TV. Thanks to DirecTV.

Sorry I've been a bit out of sorts this week.  You see, our
DirecTV went down Monday, in the middle of a snow day for Kendall. 
Her dad brushed the snow off the dish, to no avail.  So we had to
watch a movie.  Together.  (it is not possible in my house for
my husband to NOT watch tv).  And then Tuesday it was out and
Kendall went to grandmas house to watch tv...sorry grandma.  Don
called DirecTV on Tuesday & was told that they had no clue why
service was out & would happily send out a tech in 13 days13 days
You're kidding me, right?  The last time I went that long without a
tv my brother & I got grounded & my mom locked the phone &
the tv in the trunk of her car & took them to work so we couldn't
use them.  That was a LONG time ago.  But 13 days?  Are there that many people in the city of Flagstaff that have their DirecTV dishes down that it takes 13 days to
get someone to come fix it?  Oh, and yet another call to them by
my very angry husband (he doesn't get angry so if you can even imagine
that) got our appointment moved up to 11 days.  Now that's great
customer service!  (This part is SO funny...REALLY, my husband does
not get mad...ever!  After Don called DirecTV the 2nd time he
apparantly had a meltdown.  Kendall called me & said "I don't
know what's wrong with Daddy, but he's walking around the house
mad!  I keep telling him to be reasonable & he's just getting
madder & madder!  Now I'm in trouble for not cleaning the cat
box!  Mom, you've got to talk to him!")

Now I know how lame it sounds to be so, well, upset,
that we don't have tv, but come on, what's the longest you've gone
without it?   I know some of you don't even have tv's. 
That means you don't have the's like a know
it's bad for you but you can't give it up.  And I've missed my
favorite shows....The Biggest Loser, CSI, House, Ace of Cakes, Clean
House, The Food Network Recipe Challenge...and tonight I'll miss my most
favorite one of all...The Ghost Whisperer.  Brain stimulating,
important tv.  Will my life ever be the same?  I think not.

really good has come out of all of this...each night when I get home,
Don has Kendall pick out a DVD & we sit down together to watch it.  Yes, together. 
That is something new & amazing!  (She is 14 you know). 
I'm half tempted to call & cancel DirecTV & tell the family that
they can't come for an even longer time.  Think that will fly?


  1. That's kind of cool. It will be interesting to see how you (all) feel
    about it after 11 days. Maybe what seems like a curse will reveal a
    blessing in the end?

  2. Hmmm. Sounds like an ongoing problem with DirecTv in Flagstaff. Check
    out this post I wrote in October...
    Good luck, and if the installer offers to do any work for you "on the side", just say no!