Friday, February 13, 2009

New this week...

Where to start?  First, I want to thank everyone who came &
did the Valentine make-n-takes yesterday.  The response was
HUGE!  I'm thinking you all are enjoying the $1 cards.  Am I
right?  Second, I'd like to tell you about all sorts of new stuff
that's been coming in this week:  wrapping paper sheets from Whimsy
Press (SO dang cute!), snakes & bugs paper from Bo Bunny (it's a
miracle, but I allowed snake paper in the store...don't even like
drawings of them....ewwwww!), Alaska & St. Patrick's Day paper &
embellishments from Creative Imaginations, the Banana Split alphabet
from QuicKutz is back (can't seem to keep that in), new adhesive
dispensers from Glue Arts (they're PINK mini gun CUTE!),
cardstock has been refilled...really, a LOT has come in!

And I'd
like to tell you about some little gift-y items that we have...just in
time for Valentine's Day (my FAVORITE "holiday" of the year): 
make-a-wish necklaces from Dogeared (hearts, butterflies, sweet!), tote bags from both Dogeared & Whimsy Press ("I
love cupcakes", "Bark is the new woof", "Friends don't let friends
trash the earth", just to name a few), letterpress cards from Orange
Beautiful, candles from Soy Basics, and of course, handmade greeting
cards (including Valentines!) by our very own staff.  See, we're SO
much MORE than a scrapbook store!

And lastly I'd like to
apologize for the lack of photos.  I've just not taken any. 
Taking a little breather.  In the last 12 months, I have 4,932
photos on my iPhoto.  That's just the ones I kept
And it's funny, every year it's the same thing...I tend to take off
January & February from taking photos.  It's not a concious
decision...just happens.  But I'll be back in the swing of things
shortly.  Once I get past that tax appointment next it
just me or does doing your taxes put a little fear in the pit of your
stomach too? 

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