Monday, February 9, 2009

A movie suggestion for a snowy day

With all the snow today our satellite dish decided to stop
working.  Poor, poor Kendall...a day off from school & she
couldn't even watch tv...although I'm sure she did it on the computer
instead.  (although she's sitting next to me saying "I didn't watch
the computer...I cleaned the kitchen & cleaned out my
closet".)  Be still my heart...anyway, we decided to watch a movie a family...a dang miracle.  Usually she's at one tv
& we're at the other.  But not tonight.  We had a blast
watching "Stardust" again.  It's been a while since we've seen
it.  And we LOVE it!  SO funny!  If you haven't seen it,
Robert DeNiro may just make you pee your pants.  And with all the
snow we're STILL getting, you just might need something to watch :)



  1. Matt & I loved that is so fun!

  2. Hey could we borrow that? Jeff likes DeNiro so maybe it would fly . . .

  3. oh that is one of my favorite movies...i hope you are all staying warm. that is a ton of snow you are getting!
    missing you!