Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I challenge you....

to do a quick page with me.  Promise, it's quick!  It took
me 15 minutes at the most & I talked to Kelly & Bridget &
even gave them a tour of the re-designed classroom!

So, quickly:

  • Grab 4 4x6 photos that go together.  Don't be picky, just grab them.
  • Now grab 3 pieces of scrap paper...come on, you know you have a stash.
  • You'll need 1 12x12 white cardstock...a journaling pen...a corner rounder...adhesive...your paper trimmer.
  • Grab a pack of chipboard letters that you've already used some of.


Now you're ready to start!

Trim your photos to 4x4 squares like this:


Corner round only the corners of your photos that are on the outside corners (only one corner per photo will be rounded):


 Now cut a piece of your scrap paper...I'm not giving you
measurements because it doesn't matter...honest...just cut a wide strip
of one paper and a thinner strip of another like this:


Corner round the outer edges of the strips.  Adhere the
photos down.  But NOT the strips yet...because if your dense like
me, you'll make the margins between the photos too big & the strips
of paper won't line up.  So you do this:


Cut the strips in 1/ them where you want them & fill in
the gap with a little piece of your 3rd cardstock &
wahlah, it's fixed :)

Now pull out those chipboard letters that you have leftover from your last project:


adhere your page says "pals" because I didn't have
the letters for whatever word I'd originally thought of...but you can
also alter the existing letters to make your word work.

Now take your handy dandy journaling pen & *GASP* outline around
the edges of your paper.  This is also the point I realized that I
should have corner rounded the white paper, do that now. 
Then outline :) and add a bit of journaling.  Doesn't have to be
deep...just something quick.

And now you have a completed no time flat!


Email me your completed page...or post it to your blog.  I want
to know how long it took...and what you thought of the challenge...kinda
fun, don't you think?

Oh...Sherry & Bridget? You two should make one, too...and bring it in to share :)

2/26/09  Edited to add: 
If you're not sure how to email me your photo of your page, stop by the
store with it & I'll take a photo of it for you. 


  1. I'm in! I'll do mine tonight after work. hpk

  2. That is great! Thanks for posting this. I'll do it! Have a big stock of
    photos coming in...

  3. Done and posted, though it took me longer... Think I'll make another one
    tonight! It'll go faster the second time around. I liked this challenge
    a lot!