Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good Morning!


I like posts with here's a little photo of Mia, my
dirty little Westie.  I don't know if you've noticed, but there's
been a bit of snow in the last few's kept me a little
busy.  But I promise to post some meaningful content soon! 
Anything you're just dying to know about?  I can tell you that I've
been working on the March/April class One Word project
to hang on the wall at the store is almost done...let's see...I have a
Valentine card class that I'm teaching tonight (super cute cards!)...oh,
and I'm getting ready to sell bagels at Kendall's school this morning
(my Wednesday morning's cool!  I get to meet her
friends & talk to her during the school took her a while to
warm up to it, but now she likes it, too!...but she'd NEVER tell you

Oh & one more thing....punches & QuicKutz are on
sale today for the Wednesday sale.  Check your email.  Didn't
get one?  Want to be added to the list?  Just email me &
I'll put you on!

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