Wednesday, February 11, 2009

For the Art Nite Girls...

Here's the One Word Art Nite project...yours will be completely can use whatever size canvas you like...we have 5x7
& 12 x 16 (which is what mine is).  Bring whatever
embellishments you like...mod podge if you have it...paint, if you have a
specific color you know the drill (what you don't have, we
do).  My word for the year is SPARKLE...thus this canvas:


I'm hoping to find a big, gaudy frame & then I'm going to
hang it in the bathroom at the store.  My mom thinks I'm
nuts.  But that's ok :)

FYI Art Nite is a private group of my girlfriends who meet once a month for fun projects & great food.  I'd be happy to have an Art Nite for your group of friends, too! 
Contact me & we'll set something up.   For ours, the
gals pay for their supplies...or class kit...once a month. 
Each person takes turns being the hostess...bringing food &
drinks.  There's no purchase requirement...just the class
kit that we design (and we take what you want to do into
account).  It's fun & it's something to look forward to every
month.  It's usually 2 1/2 husbands...just fun
with the girls.  Now don't you want to start your own? 


  1. I think it will look awsome in the bathroom!

  2. Check for frames at Goodwill. I bet the perfect thing would be there.
    And while you are there - could you look for scrabble pieces for me?

  3. Very cute! Can't wait to make mine!