Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fiskar's Border Punches & other cool stuff

One of my favorite blogs to read is Cathy Zielske.  She is funny
as hell.  And I loved the Big Picture Scrapbooking Class I took
with her.  Did I finish it?  No.  But did I love it?
Yes.  It's on my very long list of things to do, and I WILL get it
done...someday.  Today Cathy did a post on "Cool Stuff" and it
included the  Fiskar's Border Punches...which
we carry & I love.  As a matter of fact, I think the Thursday
Make-n-Take for a buck will use these punches.  SO cool! 

While you're checking out blogs I read, head on over to ISTAMP
Nancy is a Stampin' Up demonstrator with a keen talent for card
making.  We all have our areas of expertise and Nancy's is
cards.  Honestly, I wish I could come up with the cards she
does.  Very clever!

Another card site I love is KWernerDesgins. 
There are some seriously cute cards on there right now. 
Seriously.  Oh, and those cute scallop circle borders & circle
cards she uses?  We have die cuts that can duplicate that look in
about, oh, 2 seconds.

And I aspire to take photos like Karen Russell
Really, I do.  That's why I took her class online.  And I was
doing SO well.  Now, I have a white balance issue.  I need to
go my lessons...start from scratch & see what
happens.  But man, I love how she takes photos!  Oh, and I
love how this gal
takes them, too.  (I do realize photoshop is part of the equation
& I have no skill in that area...maybe I'll take a class this

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  1. Kirsten, you are such a sweetheart! I can't believe you mentioned
    little 'ol me in the same post as these big names! You silly girl!