Thursday, February 26, 2009

Challenge Response

"You like me, you REALLY like me!"...wasn't that Sally Field at the
Oscars?  Anyway, that's how I'm feeling about the challenge I
posted the other day.  You all are so nice!  All day Thursday I
got compliments on how fun the challenge many of you want to
do it...and I even got some great pages:

This one from Lynn Harris

This one from Holly Kleindienst

And this one from Tiffani Knowles


And here's Rachel Mason's should check out her other pages she posted today.  So cute!

General consensus is it takes more like 20-30 minutes (not the 15 I
took, but then I'm Speedy Gonzales when I'm over caffinated)....still,
that's one fast page!  Very cool!  I will definitely be doing
the challenge again...I loved doing it and apparently so did you
:)  Keep sending photos & I'll keep posting them...I love
seeing what you create!


  1. okay. done. umm, i hope i am linking this correctly. if not, you know
    where to get the photo from. ;)
    miss you.

  2. Love these, maybe this weekend I will get a chance! I like how
    everyone's looks so different even though they used the same formula.