Thursday, February 26, 2009

Challenge Response

"You like me, you REALLY like me!"...wasn't that Sally Field at the
Oscars?  Anyway, that's how I'm feeling about the challenge I
posted the other day.  You all are so nice!  All day Thursday I
got compliments on how fun the challenge many of you want to
do it...and I even got some great pages:

This one from Lynn Harris

This one from Holly Kleindienst

And this one from Tiffani Knowles


And here's Rachel Mason's should check out her other pages she posted today.  So cute!

General consensus is it takes more like 20-30 minutes (not the 15 I
took, but then I'm Speedy Gonzales when I'm over caffinated)....still,
that's one fast page!  Very cool!  I will definitely be doing
the challenge again...I loved doing it and apparently so did you
:)  Keep sending photos & I'll keep posting them...I love
seeing what you create!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I challenge you....

to do a quick page with me.  Promise, it's quick!  It took
me 15 minutes at the most & I talked to Kelly & Bridget &
even gave them a tour of the re-designed classroom!

So, quickly:

  • Grab 4 4x6 photos that go together.  Don't be picky, just grab them.
  • Now grab 3 pieces of scrap paper...come on, you know you have a stash.
  • You'll need 1 12x12 white cardstock...a journaling pen...a corner rounder...adhesive...your paper trimmer.
  • Grab a pack of chipboard letters that you've already used some of.


Now you're ready to start!

Trim your photos to 4x4 squares like this:


Corner round only the corners of your photos that are on the outside corners (only one corner per photo will be rounded):


 Now cut a piece of your scrap paper...I'm not giving you
measurements because it doesn't matter...honest...just cut a wide strip
of one paper and a thinner strip of another like this:


Corner round the outer edges of the strips.  Adhere the
photos down.  But NOT the strips yet...because if your dense like
me, you'll make the margins between the photos too big & the strips
of paper won't line up.  So you do this:


Cut the strips in 1/ them where you want them & fill in
the gap with a little piece of your 3rd cardstock &
wahlah, it's fixed :)

Now pull out those chipboard letters that you have leftover from your last project:


adhere your page says "pals" because I didn't have
the letters for whatever word I'd originally thought of...but you can
also alter the existing letters to make your word work.

Now take your handy dandy journaling pen & *GASP* outline around
the edges of your paper.  This is also the point I realized that I
should have corner rounded the white paper, do that now. 
Then outline :) and add a bit of journaling.  Doesn't have to be
deep...just something quick.

And now you have a completed no time flat!


Email me your completed page...or post it to your blog.  I want
to know how long it took...and what you thought of the challenge...kinda
fun, don't you think?

Oh...Sherry & Bridget? You two should make one, too...and bring it in to share :)

2/26/09  Edited to add: 
If you're not sure how to email me your photo of your page, stop by the
store with it & I'll take a photo of it for you. 

Thursday Make-n-Take for a buck!

Here's this weeks make-n-take:  DSC_0001 

You'll be making a variation of this card...super cute
& easy!  For just a buck!  Make one=$1 Make
5=$5.  The choice is yours.  Projects start at 10
and ends at 5:30...or when we run out of stuff.  See you

She won't let me take her photo...

but apparently loves to take them herself.  Go figure. 
borrowed my camera today for a school project & I found this little
gem on it.  That's Kelsey with her.  Wonder what else is on

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A very busy day....


First, I made some fun new layouts in the store today...this is my
nephew AJ.  He's one serious baby.  He laughs, all the time,
but often he'll look at you like you have a monkey on your head &
it's SO not funny...which just makes him funny!  (this page was
inspired by a page in the new Creating Keepsakes, which, I might add, is
a pretty fantastic spoke to me :))


Here's one of my brother, his wife & Ray...pre-AJ.  The
goal was to create a St. Patty's Day themed page...without St. Patty's
Day photos.  I think it turned out pretty cute!  And I got to
use some Bazzill Swiss Dot paper...which is now my favorite's SO cool!


Our high school papers finally came in...Flag High, Sinagua, Coconino, NPA...and along with it came

some really cute embellishments to go along with all that
paper...and just barely, in the almost upper left of the photo you can
see one of the keychains we got for the high schools.  They say
"Coconino High School Panthers" on the front and on the back they have
the rock on hand sign with "Panthers Rock!".  So cool! 

Now don't judge these books by this awful photo....we got in the
COOLEST albums for all 4 high schools.  They have "Coconino
Panthers" on the front & come with a frame to add your kids
photo...I think it says "Panthers 2009". And inside it comes with 3
sheets of card stock stickers and 24 sheets of paper that go with your
school colors.  They are SO awesome!  Just in time, too! 
If you've been planning on making a book for your kids graduation...or
niece or nephew...or's the time to come pick up this
album.  We have 2 for each hurry in!

We did get
far more than just the high school items today...I just didn't think to
take photos.  Go figure!  As a matter of fact, we got so much
new stuff that I spent the day re-arranging...and you know what that
means, right?

It means the Wednesday sale this week is all this stuff (and some
things you can't see) are buy 1 get the 2nd one free (of equal or lesser
value).  There is a LOT of paper
here...stamps...embellishments...stickers....chipboard....all sorts of
stuff that was in my way.  It's a great day for a sale!  See
you soon!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

March/April Schedule

It's available, in print, at the store.  Will be available
online...sometime soon!  And the projects are at the store for you
to see!  Thank goodness for Mindy....

February Contest Entries


Aren't they great?!  So here's the deal.  8 people
purchased kits containing identical products.  The rules are that
you can make whatever you want, but you have to use at least a little of
every item in the kit.  Projects are due by the 20th of the month
& then our customers get to come in & vote on their favorite
project through the end of the month.  One winner will receive a
$20 gift certificate to About Memories & More.  I was told that
this month's kit was a bit of a challenge for the participants, but
when you look at their projects, do you really think it was a
challenge?  These projects are AMAZING!  I'm just glad I don't
have to determine who wins!  So stop by & check them for your favorite...and see who wins!  The March kits
will go on sale on Monday, March 2nd.  Kits sell get
yours early!

Today I....

...slept until 10 am...that's 5 1/2 hours longer than usual!  Midnight Madness will do that to a girl!
...added this blog from Lisa Boni to my favorite crafty blogs link...Lisa, you are amazingly talented!
...also added Shabby Chic Crafts as I'm enjoying her work as well.
...uploaded a TON of photos to, all of 2008 is on I just need to order prints!
two cheesy teenage movies (my favorite kind of movie...seriously) 
Disney's "Jump In" and Nickelodeon's "Spectacular"...I think that's
what it's called.  Loved them both!  (our DirecTv is back up
& running...YEAH!)
...drooled a little over apple's new iPhoto 2009 application
the web for recipes to duplicate what they make at New Frontiers...that
cost WAY too much and are WAY too good!  My current favorite is
the polenta sticks & the rice stuffed acorn squash....yummy!
...added some new items to my B&H Photo wish list.
the contest entries for the February contest...the projects are
AMAZING!  Please come in & vote for your favorite!

....made our menu for the's making me hungry already!

...and debated how I'd spend the rest of my day off...there may
be  movie in my future (and the grocery store), but I know there
are 3 scrapbook magazines (Creating Keepsakes, Simple Scrapbooks &
Paper Crafts) and one idea book (Creating with Type) that I'm DYING to
read.  Will let you know what I think :)  Have a beautiful

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Saturday's Basic Grey Class...Betcha Didn't Know

Here's the class sample for the Basic Grey All About Me class on
Saturday.  Sherry's teaching...there are still one or two spots
available if you're interested (and one or two kits from the first
class, too...which, if you want the free kit at the end, you have to
take all 12 classes/kits)


theme of these pages is "Betcha didn't know".  Sherry did hers
about her impending motherhood.  Yours would be entirely
different...which is one thing I love about this different
the pages turn out...and I love seeing your photos! 

Here are some things I betcha didn't know about me:

1.  I was engaged when I was 18...not married, thank heavens! 
The guy I was engaged to at 18 married my best friend's husbands ex
wife (you follow that?) a couple of years ago.  It lasted 6 weeks.
3.  I was a detention officer for 3 years.
4.  I have a degree in Criminal Justice.
I am fascinated with forensic pathology & have been since I was
12.  There was an article in the PARADE section of the newspaper
about the unsolved murder of actor Bob Crane & I knew right then I
wanted to solve his murder. 
6.  I worked in a doctors office for 8 years.
7.  Then I worked for a midwife for 2 years.
8.  And I've owned the scrapbook store for over 7 years.
When I was in 7th grade I had my first kiss in front of the ice
rink...Todd Anderson.  I wouldn't recognize him if he were standing
in front of me right now.
10.  I've lived in Flagstaff since I
was 7...well, except for 5th grade, when my mom got tired of my brother
& I screaming "we want to live with our dad!" & off we went to
live in Tucson for a year.  Never did that again.
11.  I met my husband in jail.
12.  I love a man in uniform :)
I hate the number 13.  I won't stop a chapter of a book at 13...I
have to read at least a page into chapter 14...if I'm at the end of
chapter 12, I have to read through to 14. 
14.  I used to
love scary movies.  But the last one I saw, The Strangers, scared
the crap out of me & I'm pretty sure I'm done with scary
movies...Kendall keeps trying to get me to take her to rated R scary
movies...I don't think so!
15.  I miss my tv...a lot.  And
I'm embarrassed to admit it.  2 more days til DirecTv comes to fix
the satellite dish!

16.  All of my immediate family lives in
Flagstaff.   I love that my family is all here.  Right
where I need them.

17. I bake a pretty awesome cake...and have made 2 wedding cakes...and one graduation cake that was just like a wedding cake.

18.  I don't really like ice cream.  Give me no bake cookies any day!  But ice cream I can almost always pass up.

19.  I have been missing an old friend that fell out of touch a LOT lately.

20.  I'm a sentimental fool...I take everything personally & get my feelings hurt very easily...

Which is a contradiction to the fact that I'm so opinionated.  As
my old friend said "you can dish it out but can't take it".  Yep,
that's me.

22.  I have a knot in my stomach about doing taxes this morning...happens every year though.

I LOVE doing crafts.  ESPECIALLY scrapbooking.  Paper crafts,
too.  Sewing?  Not so much.  And I want to learn to felt
cute little animals.

24.  I lOVE taking photos...of Ray.  He's 3.  He's easy. 

I am completely intimidated of taking photos of adults.  I am
uncomfortable with posing...or knowing when to take the shot...telling
someone to act natural just doesn't cut it.  So I take 500 photos
in an hour.  You're guaranteed to get a couple of good shots that

26. I used to tole paint & sell my creations at craft
fairs.  My mom cut out the wood for me & I painted them. 

A few years back, I went on the Soroptomists Home Tour & saw one of
the ornaments I had made years ago hanging on a Christmas tree in one
of the houses.

I could keep going, but it's time to head out for that tax appointment...Anything I need to know about YOU?

Thursday Make-n-Takes for a buck!

Today's make-n-take will look something like this:
say "something like this" because everyone's card will be different get to pick, which I think is cool.  You'll be
learning how to use 5, yes 5, punches.  And unless you read the
same blogs I do, you may be surprised at the punches we used to make the
flower.  Or maybe not.  But you'll have a dang cute card for
just a buck!  Make-n-takes are available all day...or until
supplies run out...see you soon!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fiskar's Border Punches & other cool stuff

One of my favorite blogs to read is Cathy Zielske.  She is funny
as hell.  And I loved the Big Picture Scrapbooking Class I took
with her.  Did I finish it?  No.  But did I love it?
Yes.  It's on my very long list of things to do, and I WILL get it
done...someday.  Today Cathy did a post on "Cool Stuff" and it
included the  Fiskar's Border Punches...which
we carry & I love.  As a matter of fact, I think the Thursday
Make-n-Take for a buck will use these punches.  SO cool! 

While you're checking out blogs I read, head on over to ISTAMP
Nancy is a Stampin' Up demonstrator with a keen talent for card
making.  We all have our areas of expertise and Nancy's is
cards.  Honestly, I wish I could come up with the cards she
does.  Very clever!

Another card site I love is KWernerDesgins. 
There are some seriously cute cards on there right now. 
Seriously.  Oh, and those cute scallop circle borders & circle
cards she uses?  We have die cuts that can duplicate that look in
about, oh, 2 seconds.

And I aspire to take photos like Karen Russell
Really, I do.  That's why I took her class online.  And I was
doing SO well.  Now, I have a white balance issue.  I need to
go my lessons...start from scratch & see what
happens.  But man, I love how she takes photos!  Oh, and I
love how this gal
takes them, too.  (I do realize photoshop is part of the equation
& I have no skill in that area...maybe I'll take a class this

Facebook's New Terms of Service...something to think about

Just read this this morning about
the new Facebook terms of service.  If you use Facebook, you
should read it.  Seems that they can use your photos & content
anyway they want, forever & ever.  They even own your cute kid
photos.  Forever & ever.  Frankly, I'm VERY bothered by
that.  What about you?

These Just In...

I am a lover of scrapbook idea books (and magazines).  I love to
peruse the pages with a stack of post it notes in hand, marking all the
pages I want to copy.  I love to see what others have done with
their pages.  Sometimes I copy the whole page...other times it's
just a catalyst for a page that doesn't even resemble what they
made.  The point is, the books rev up my creative juices. 
They get me motivated to create, and that, my friends is why I love

These two books just came in...I have my post it notes ready....


841.175.225 827.175.225

Friday, February 13, 2009

No TV. Thanks to DirecTV.

Sorry I've been a bit out of sorts this week.  You see, our
DirecTV went down Monday, in the middle of a snow day for Kendall. 
Her dad brushed the snow off the dish, to no avail.  So we had to
watch a movie.  Together.  (it is not possible in my house for
my husband to NOT watch tv).  And then Tuesday it was out and
Kendall went to grandmas house to watch tv...sorry grandma.  Don
called DirecTV on Tuesday & was told that they had no clue why
service was out & would happily send out a tech in 13 days13 days
You're kidding me, right?  The last time I went that long without a
tv my brother & I got grounded & my mom locked the phone &
the tv in the trunk of her car & took them to work so we couldn't
use them.  That was a LONG time ago.  But 13 days?  Are there that many people in the city of Flagstaff that have their DirecTV dishes down that it takes 13 days to
get someone to come fix it?  Oh, and yet another call to them by
my very angry husband (he doesn't get angry so if you can even imagine
that) got our appointment moved up to 11 days.  Now that's great
customer service!  (This part is SO funny...REALLY, my husband does
not get mad...ever!  After Don called DirecTV the 2nd time he
apparantly had a meltdown.  Kendall called me & said "I don't
know what's wrong with Daddy, but he's walking around the house
mad!  I keep telling him to be reasonable & he's just getting
madder & madder!  Now I'm in trouble for not cleaning the cat
box!  Mom, you've got to talk to him!")

Now I know how lame it sounds to be so, well, upset,
that we don't have tv, but come on, what's the longest you've gone
without it?   I know some of you don't even have tv's. 
That means you don't have the's like a know
it's bad for you but you can't give it up.  And I've missed my
favorite shows....The Biggest Loser, CSI, House, Ace of Cakes, Clean
House, The Food Network Recipe Challenge...and tonight I'll miss my most
favorite one of all...The Ghost Whisperer.  Brain stimulating,
important tv.  Will my life ever be the same?  I think not.

really good has come out of all of this...each night when I get home,
Don has Kendall pick out a DVD & we sit down together to watch it.  Yes, together. 
That is something new & amazing!  (She is 14 you know). 
I'm half tempted to call & cancel DirecTV & tell the family that
they can't come for an even longer time.  Think that will fly?

New this week...

Where to start?  First, I want to thank everyone who came &
did the Valentine make-n-takes yesterday.  The response was
HUGE!  I'm thinking you all are enjoying the $1 cards.  Am I
right?  Second, I'd like to tell you about all sorts of new stuff
that's been coming in this week:  wrapping paper sheets from Whimsy
Press (SO dang cute!), snakes & bugs paper from Bo Bunny (it's a
miracle, but I allowed snake paper in the store...don't even like
drawings of them....ewwwww!), Alaska & St. Patrick's Day paper &
embellishments from Creative Imaginations, the Banana Split alphabet
from QuicKutz is back (can't seem to keep that in), new adhesive
dispensers from Glue Arts (they're PINK mini gun CUTE!),
cardstock has been refilled...really, a LOT has come in!

And I'd
like to tell you about some little gift-y items that we have...just in
time for Valentine's Day (my FAVORITE "holiday" of the year): 
make-a-wish necklaces from Dogeared (hearts, butterflies, sweet!), tote bags from both Dogeared & Whimsy Press ("I
love cupcakes", "Bark is the new woof", "Friends don't let friends
trash the earth", just to name a few), letterpress cards from Orange
Beautiful, candles from Soy Basics, and of course, handmade greeting
cards (including Valentines!) by our very own staff.  See, we're SO
much MORE than a scrapbook store!

And lastly I'd like to
apologize for the lack of photos.  I've just not taken any. 
Taking a little breather.  In the last 12 months, I have 4,932
photos on my iPhoto.  That's just the ones I kept
And it's funny, every year it's the same thing...I tend to take off
January & February from taking photos.  It's not a concious
decision...just happens.  But I'll be back in the swing of things
shortly.  Once I get past that tax appointment next it
just me or does doing your taxes put a little fear in the pit of your
stomach too? 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thursday Make-n-Take for a buck!


We'll be making Valentine cards...each one is get
to pick what you want to use...very cool!  And they're
just a buck each....make one=$1...make 10=$10.  Make-n-take
runs all day long...or until we run out of supplies (but for
this one, we have a TON!) 

For the Art Nite Girls...

Here's the One Word Art Nite project...yours will be completely can use whatever size canvas you like...we have 5x7
& 12 x 16 (which is what mine is).  Bring whatever
embellishments you like...mod podge if you have it...paint, if you have a
specific color you know the drill (what you don't have, we
do).  My word for the year is SPARKLE...thus this canvas:


I'm hoping to find a big, gaudy frame & then I'm going to
hang it in the bathroom at the store.  My mom thinks I'm
nuts.  But that's ok :)

FYI Art Nite is a private group of my girlfriends who meet once a month for fun projects & great food.  I'd be happy to have an Art Nite for your group of friends, too! 
Contact me & we'll set something up.   For ours, the
gals pay for their supplies...or class kit...once a month. 
Each person takes turns being the hostess...bringing food &
drinks.  There's no purchase requirement...just the class
kit that we design (and we take what you want to do into
account).  It's fun & it's something to look forward to every
month.  It's usually 2 1/2 husbands...just fun
with the girls.  Now don't you want to start your own? 

Good Morning!


I like posts with here's a little photo of Mia, my
dirty little Westie.  I don't know if you've noticed, but there's
been a bit of snow in the last few's kept me a little
busy.  But I promise to post some meaningful content soon! 
Anything you're just dying to know about?  I can tell you that I've
been working on the March/April class One Word project
to hang on the wall at the store is almost done...let's see...I have a
Valentine card class that I'm teaching tonight (super cute cards!)...oh,
and I'm getting ready to sell bagels at Kendall's school this morning
(my Wednesday morning's cool!  I get to meet her
friends & talk to her during the school took her a while to
warm up to it, but now she likes it, too!...but she'd NEVER tell you

Oh & one more thing....punches & QuicKutz are on
sale today for the Wednesday sale.  Check your email.  Didn't
get one?  Want to be added to the list?  Just email me &
I'll put you on!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Still open...

They've already closed school for Tuesday....but we're still open
Come in & stock up on your Valentine's Day papers & create a
project with the kids....or by yourself....or maybe even start a new
scrapbook project!  Need a project idea?  I'm full of them, I
promise you :) 

A movie suggestion for a snowy day

With all the snow today our satellite dish decided to stop
working.  Poor, poor Kendall...a day off from school & she
couldn't even watch tv...although I'm sure she did it on the computer
instead.  (although she's sitting next to me saying "I didn't watch
the computer...I cleaned the kitchen & cleaned out my
closet".)  Be still my heart...anyway, we decided to watch a movie a family...a dang miracle.  Usually she's at one tv
& we're at the other.  But not tonight.  We had a blast
watching "Stardust" again.  It's been a while since we've seen
it.  And we LOVE it!  SO funny!  If you haven't seen it,
Robert DeNiro may just make you pee your pants.  And with all the
snow we're STILL getting, you just might need something to watch :)


Saturday, February 7, 2009


Snow.  Yes, more of the white stuff.  I read in the paper
that we're expecting up to 18 inches by Tuesday, with the bulk coming
tonight.  So I think that this weekend will be perfect for
uploading my photos for printing.  I was looking through them the
other day (on my computer) & realized I have not printed photos for
my albums since Kendall's birthday.  That's September
I don't know what happened.  I'm a big proponent of at least
printing a set for your photo album...what if your computer
crashes?  And the site I use lets you store your photos online for
free.  So what's my excuse?  Maybe it's my white balance
issues.  I get a knot in my stomach every time I see a perfectly
lovely photo with a deathly yellow cast to it.  All I know, is this
weekend, they're getting uploaded.  Maybe not ordered, but at
least uploaded. 

For those of you who don't already know
this, I use  Click on the link on the right
side of the page & you'll get 15 free prints to try them out or use
code GFU153.  Why do I use them?  1) their prints are
AWESOME...consistent & fast. 2) Karen Russell
uses them. 3) I can print in any size I want..with tons of sizes to
choose from.  4)  Shipping is only $2 no matter how big or
small your order is. 5) They are a small, family owned business in
Oregon and I like to support small, family owned businesses.  6)
Their prices are really reasonable.  7) The quality is
unbeatable.  8) I LOVE the square photos. Shall I list more? 

other alternative plan for the weekend is tax prep.  Um, I think
I'll upload my photos.   Whatever your plans, I hope you have a
lovely weekend!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

And the Winner is....

Jamie Miele!  Congratulations, Jamie!  You have won $1000
worth of QuicKutz products in the QuicKutz Product Giveaway!  Whooo
hoo!  (I feel like Ed McMahon...)


Have fun picking out your free stuff! 

So, did you gals think this was fun?  Should we do it again sometime? 

This just in...

Basic Grey Collection packs for Marakesh & Porcelain (the new
collections) are in!  Matching card kits came, too...very
cool!  But hurry in, we got 6 of each...they're sure to go fast!

Marakesh paper kit  Marakesh card kit

Porcelain paper kit  Porcelain card kit

Today is...

...make-n-take Thursday.  All day, the make-n-take is just a
buck.  Today's is a cute card my mom made with the QuicKutz frog
with big'll make you giggle! 
...the QuicKutz
drawing!  Tonight. 6:30 pm.  That's when we'll draw.  You
can come earlier...if you do, you'll be rewarded with cheese &
crackers & lemonade...maybe even an extra ticket.  You never
know :)
...gonna be a BEAUTIFUL day! 

Here's the make-n-take


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have a customer who wants to attend aCreating Keepsakes Event in Provo, Utah
in May.  She's looking for someone to drive with her & share a
room.  Post a comment if you're interested & I'll forward your
contact information to her.  (Registration isn't until
April...she's just trying to get a headstart on it).

New paper from Bo Bunny!


Isn't this cute!  Lovin' this paper line from Bo Bunny
(This image is from their website)  Click on the link & you'll
see lots of their new stuff from the show.  I got a little from
each line...the papers are double sided & BEAUTIFUL!  There are
some new camping, friends & other cardstock stickers, too. 
Come check it won't be disappointed!  And check out the Looking Back at 2008 post on their blog.  It's a very clever to do while the memories are still fresh in your mind.


Ok.  I've joined the Facebook age.  I was totally NOT going
to do it.  I just didn't think it was for me...but I've
re-connected with an old friend...and honestly, had some fun. 
There's a "badge" under my flickr link if you want to check out my
page...and I've created one for the store
It would be cool if you became a fan:)  My plan is to put the
classes there, as well as on the blog.  Plus photos of the
store.  Really, it's just a way to reach more people.  My
first love is this blog, so I won't neglect you.  Promise.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February Contest Kit Contents


Here are the February Contest Kit contents...lovin'
it!  Kits are $21 and contain over $27 worth of
products.  Contest entries are due February 20th...and when the
kits are gone, they're gone!  Snap one up today! 

February Classes

We have a great selection of classes for you this month!  There
are a few alterations from the printed schedule...prices went down on
some...projects changed on what you see here is what the
projects actually are.  Sign up early to reserve your spot!

Midnight Madness:  Fridays from 6 pm to Midnight $12.  Work on your own projects in our new, spacious classroom!

Make-n-Take Thursdays:  All day long! 
Projects are just $1 per item that you make.  Each week features
different techniques & products.

Page & a Card with Mindy Wednesday, 2/4 6:30 pm $19

DSC_0035    DSC_0038 

Bridal Showcase Saturday, 2/7 11 am FREE  Come
see the items from our Bridal Fair display upclose & personal. 
We'll talk to you about ways to customize your wedding as well as
create a simple favor box.


Fast & Easy Pages Saturday, 2/7 1:30 pm and
Wednesday, 2/256:30 pm $25 You'll create two fast layouts using our
pages as your guide.  In this class, please arrive 15-20
minutes early to select the paper for your pages.

 DSC_0028  DSC_0034 

Saturday Night Crop 2/7 4 pm to 10 pm $12 Same
amount of time as Midnight Madness, but a little earlier for those of
you who like to go to bed just a bit earlier. 

Made in Minutes Tuesday 2/10 11 am $20 
Complete this great layout using beautiful Cloud 9 papers &
embellishments (you get whole packs of you can


Valentine's Wednesday, 2/11 6:30 pm $20 Create these
fun Valentine cards & a cute little box to store them in...We're
using Making Memories Valentine paper & new Ali Edward stamps
(which, if you love those, you should get them soon...they're selling
like hotcakes!)

DSC_0018  DSC_0021 

Paper Play with Andi Saturday, 2/14 at 10:30 am and again Tuesday, 2/17 at 11 am $15  Exploding boxes are the theme this cool!


Love Coupon Mini Book Saturday, 2/14 1:30 pm
$25  Create this fun book from scratch!  It's
filled with tags and is a great gift for that special someone in
your life! 

DSC_0022  DSC_0023 

Mardi Gras Cards & a Tag with Mindy Wednesday, 2/18 6:30 pm $22  Create these fun cards using a variety of techniques...heat embossing is featured.


Inch by Inch Mosaics with Mindy Saturday, 2/21 10:30
am $18  Create a fun mosaic piece during class.  Everyone
will contribute to each others projects.  LOTS of techniques will
be used...So fun!


Basic Grey All About Me Class Saturday, 2/21 1:30 pm
$25  This class is currently sold out.  However, additional
product has been ordered & we'll notify you if space or kits become
available.  Email the store to be put on the list.

Kids Scrapping Night Saturday, 2/21 4 pm to 10 pm
$12  This is a Midnight Madness for kids ages 8-12.  We'll
watch a movie, eat some pizza & work on their own scrapbook

All Day Crop Saturday, 2/28 8 am to 8 pm $28  12 hours of scrappin' fun!  There's a make-n-take & lunch thrown in, too!