Sunday, January 18, 2009


I saw Yes Man with Don Friday night (while Kendall was watching The
Unborn...shudder!).  It was really good!  I wish I'd seen it
before I came up with Sparkle for my word of the year...actually, I
might just change mine to YES.  My husband was so excited at the
prospect he said, "so we're going sky diving for my birthday,
right?"  Um, no.  Um, no way in hell.  So I have to
re-think that whole YES as my word thing.  Cause, I'm not sky


  1. i am there with you. no way. no how. nuh uh.

  2. Maybe parasailing? I tried it way back when..(I was younger and
    definitely not afraid to say YES). At least with parasailing you are
    over the water and if something happens, you get to go swimming...