Sunday, January 11, 2009

White Balance....will I ever find it?

White balance on my camera has been an issue for me for quite a
while.  Most of my photos are too yellow.  I've been
aggravated, to say the least.  Then the Pioneer Woman's Miz Booshay posted
about what she learned this past year in photography.  It got me
thinking...I pulled out my camera Snapshots of A Good Life
course book & started playing.  Now, many of the photos you see
are Photoshopped....I don't possess that skill or that I
want my photos to look good straight out of the that too
much to ask?

This is an exaggerated version of what I've been
getting...can you see why I'm upset?  (I'd already started fiddling
with the white balance.)

Then I adjusted it some more....
DSC_0034 DSC_0035

Boy he looks another adjustment or two

Perfect?  Not yet.  But the color is more in line with where it should be.  Whew!

I gotta say, is read your camera manual.  Lost it?  Find it
online at the camera company's website.  Promise yourself you'll
start taking better photos today! 

(I know...still off, but isn't he cute?)


  1. if you and i put together your camera knowledge and my photoshop
    knowledge, we could do some damage...but alas, i am too far away, like
    he is VERY cute. you are a lucky lady. (he's lucky too...)
    miss you.

  2. Don has a wonderful smile. (:

  3. Um, you do have photoshop, just no time to learn it!