Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This week at About Memories & More


Isn't she cute?  She looks so serious...not her personality at
all!  She's, um, intense.  And needy.  And the best
little lap dog around.  Ok.  She's not so little
anymore.  But she's supposed to be little.  Her name
is Mia (we like to refer to her as Mia Pee-a...gee, I wonder
why?).  She was so cute on our walk this morning.  Ori (the
new dog) decided to take Audra for little sprints...which got Mia
wanting to run (which in itself is hysterical...for a Westie, she like,
elephant sized).  Her long hair was blowing in the breeze she was

Things are moving along well at the
store.  New product has been coming in every day...when the UPS man
doesn't deliver it to some poor family that lives in the Continental
neighborhood.  Don't even know how that happened!  Anyway, the
new Love Notes
collection from Making Memories is here.  It's SO cute!  And
really, it would be great for more than Valentine's mom's
comment was that it was a great basic line.  And let's see...we
have new necklaces & tote bags from Dogeared.  LOVE this
stuff!  There are "pearls of love" & "make a wish" necklaces...and the tote bags
crack me up!  "Friends don't let friends trash the earth", "love
your mother", "your plastic bag can kiss my canvas", etc.  (they're
huge, too & made of sturdy them!)  Keep an eye
out for more fun new products on their gift wrap from Whimsy
Press, letterpress note cards from Orange Beautiful, stamps from
Inkadinkadoo...we plenty of GREAT scrapbook & paper craft products
on order, too!  AND I'm headed to market in a week...I cannot wait!

Yesterday the new sign went up at the store.  I have to say it's
AWESOME!  And dang expensive, so I hope you all love it, too!  I hope
you can see it from Mars, actually!  It has new LED lights inside it
& it's SO bright...makes the Walgreens sign look a little, well,

Hope to see you soon!

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  1. I'll be in today to pick out a nice new dogearded necklace . . . I have been waiting so patiently for them to arrive.