Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Things I learned this week....

Wow!  I'm back from CHA and I'm pooped!  It was so exciting
to be there, see all the new stuff, do some make and takes...but it's
hard work.  But I'm sure you'll love the results of all that hard
work!  It should start arriving any day now....

Ok, so here's what I learned this week, in no particular order:

  • I couldn't live in California.  The people who drive there are crazy.  

  • I'd forgotten how much I love paint.  Just love the stuff!

  • The billboard for "He's Just Not That Into You" would make a perfect scrapbook page.

  • The booths I wanted to visit always seemed to be at one end of the
    convention center or the other...about 1/2 a mile apart...well, whatever
    5 football field widths would be...FAR.

  • People in general ignore fire alarms.

  • 8 hours in LAX, although dreading it at first, was a great way to read all of "Inkheart".  Now I'm ready to see the movie.

  • The clouds at sunrise from the top of them look like fluffy batting...soooo pretty!

  • Tim Holtz is an awesome teacher...and funny!

  • It's ok to eat ice cream for lunch & jerky for dinner.

  • That I love the clean & simple style.  Embellishments are
    cool...but in an orderly fashion (which is a riot...if you saw my house
    you'd wonder what the heck I was talking's a wreck!)

  • Barbara from Paper Metal Scrappers in Payson is a great roommate...and fun!

  • Red Robin has the BEST steak fries...EVER!

  • I'm not an altered artist.  And I'm ok with that.  And when I saw Claduine Helmuth's stuff, I think I found my niche.

  • That I LOVE Teresa Collins.  And you will too!

I'm uploading my photos flickr.  Just click on the flickr stats
under my Photos header to be taken to them.  They're not
labeled.  I'm too tired, sorry.  But you'll get to see some
really great new stuff!  Here are a few to tempt you...

It was prettier in person...but stunning just the same!


Do I need to tell you who he is?  (Tim Holtz)


Me & Claudine Helmuth
Love her's collage, but for me, it's a fun & clean
collage.  That sounds, I'm not a collage kind of
person...but her stuff, I love!  Here's an example of her work:


And to those of you who say you don't have room to scrapbook or
create, Claudine lives in Washington, DC in a 700 sq foot apartment with
her husband & 3 pets.  And her studio.  Can you believe


And this is just a display board at the EK Success booth.  The gal who
made these works for Inkadinkadoo & taught me how to felt :)  SO
easy (felting has nothing to do with this photo though...just thought
I'd throw that in for Audra)


  1. WHAT a BLAST! I'd just love the attend CHA someday ... glad to hear you
    had a good time, Kirsten!

  2. And when will we be sharing those felting instructions?

  3. Oh, and of course - Welcome Home! Did you catch the 8:10 PM flight or
    is that sunrise shot from this morning?

  4. Glad you are back! Sounds like you had a good trip!!! Did you see
    Revolutionary Road, or were you too busy? Jamie and I saw Inkheart the
    other I just need to read the book.

  5. It is defintely OK to eat ice cream and jerky for meals if you are
    walking back and forth across 5 football field widths!!! Sounds fun and
    overwhelming at the same time! I've always thought pictures like that
    last one, made with tags, were great, and have one with hearts printed
    out from the front of an old Victoria in my little "inspiration" spot.
    Have yet to attempt one myself...