Friday, January 23, 2009

QuicKutz $1000 Sweepstakes Giveaway!

Ok.  This is AWESOME!  QuicKutz has authorized us to have a $1000 product sweepstakes giveaway...can you believe that?!  Now I bet you're wondering how you can enter this AWESOME sweepstakes, aren't you?  It's SO easy!  For every $10 in purchases between January 23rd and February 5th you'll receive an entry into the drawing...and for every item you purchase that is QuicKutz, you'll receive an extra entry...yes,
you read that right! Spend $50 in the store & get 5 entries...spend
$50 on QuicKutz & get 10 entries...see how that works?  You
can also earn a ticket by signing up for our email list and updating
your mailing address.  So make sure to verify our information
before you leave (it's a free ticket, why not?)

So what exactly is
QuicKutz?  It's a personal die cutting system.  We have 3
types of tools in stock:  the Squeeze, the Revolution and the
Silhouette.  The Squeeze
cuts shapes that are on 2x2 dies.  Dies range from $6.99 for
single cut shapes to $12.99 for double cut shapes (it takes two dies to
make the shape you're after).  And the Squeeze comes with an
alphabet for $25 (it retails for $90).  Not a bad deal!  The Revolution (my
FAVORITE) cuts everything QuicKutz makes for dies.  It retails for
$100...we have it for $80.  There is an extra long 12" inch
platform for cutting borders & the new 4x8 alphabets.  That
platform makes your Revolution can cut around a dozen
letters at a time...LOVE it!  And last but not least is the Silhouette Digital Craft Cutter
It's similar to the Cricut, except that you hook it to your computer
& it will use what fonts you've already got on don't buy
cartridges but you can buy digital downloads.  I have several
customers who have it & LOVE it (maybe you ladies would like to
leave a comment here so everyone knows how cool it is).  The
Silhouette retails for $370, but we have it for just $175.  (it
does not work on mac, sorry!) If you have any questions, just ask!

Here's the scoop:  one winner will receive the
entire $1000 sweepstakes prize.  The winner will select their $1000
worth of product from a list provided by QuicKutz (it's 10 pages
long...there's a LOT to choose from!).  QuicKutz will ship the
items to you directly.  We will draw at 6:30pm on Thursday,
February 5th.  You must be present to win.  And to
thank you for coming, we'll have a fun little shindig for you all! 
You'll have a chance to earn extra tickets & we'll tell you all
about what I found at the trade show I'm headed off to.  Plus,
you'll get to see the new store...which ROCKS!

The fine print:  You must be present to win. 
Sorry, but I want to see the person who wins!  Tickets will not be
given for previous purchases.  Only purchases made 1/23-2/5/09
will be eligible for tickets.  You can use can use
discounts...but tickets are handed out based on the final total. 
No fighting or whining or I'll take your tickets away :)  Can you
dig it?

PS We have TONS of QuicKutz in stock, but
if we don't have something you're looking for, we'll order it. 
Payment in full is required to order it.

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  1. Wow, this would be fun to win.