Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My One Little Word: SPARKLE

I didn't forget I'd asked you for your one little word (ala Ali Edwards here). 
I just had so many to choose from for myself that I couldn't narrow it
down.  Finally, I have.  My word for the year is SPARKLE.  And
no, it's not a Twilight reference, although it could be.  I want
to sparkle as a human a mother & a
photographer (of just my family :) ) a business owner.  It's
my constant reminder for me to be just a little better. 

I found your words to be so inspiring.  My hope was that we'd
get enough that I could put the words on the wall of the store...all
around at the top.  While they are quite wonderful, there's not
quite enough.  So I thought I'd borrow the list from Ali here
& use those words (plus all of your words) for everyday inspiration
that you'll see everytime you walk in the store.  What do you
think of that?

What will you do to remember your word?  Will you make a
page?  A sign to hang above your desk?  A card on your
wall?  What will inspire you to continue to focus on your little


  1. my word is embrace and i am designating an idea board in my craft studio
    to hang my little, art, phrases, etc.

  2. What ARE you talking about, Kirsten?! As one who has had the pleasure
    to meet you, trust me - you already SPARKLE, girlfriend!
    I'll have to give some thought to my word. I'll get back to you on

  3. Maybe make another canvas wall hanging like last year, but it will need
    to be much more perky for ACTION, than last year's for LOVE! :)
    Journaling about my word last year helped me to focus on it at first.

  4. I let CHARM select me! I have printed the word in bold and scattered it
    throughout my 2009 calendar, and I am certain other projects will crop
    up . . .

  5. I have finally decided on a word, FAITH. I need to have FAITH that I am
    going to have a happy and healthy little boy in June. I need to have
    FAITH that I will make it through the sleepness nights and the good and
    the bad days. I need to have FAITH that Matt and I will be the best
    parents we can be.

  6. BREATHE now I know that sounds like a funny word - but believe me -i
    need to breathe more often. I am putting it on my door front and back
    of my craft room...

  7. My word for Ali's site was Appreciate. The people, moments, things my life...I know deep inside I appreciate them but I don't
    often stop to take time to really think about it and be thankful for
    them. I want my friends and family to know I appreciate them and to
    acknowledge for myself that I have alot to be thankful for.