Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The other day I was looking for some inspiration...I'd like to say it
was scrapbook inspiration I was after, but really, it was any kind of
inspiration.  I was tired & just didn't want to do anything. 
At all.  So I picked up these copies of Simple Scrapbooks &
Memory Makers (we sell 'em).  I have to say, they were filled to
the brim with awesome ideas...I wanted to stop what I was doing (how do
you stop nothing) & just create! 

Specifically, in Simple Scrapbooks there was an amazing little mini
book using the KI Memories acetate sheets that was just adorable. 
There were tons of pages I wanted to copy...see, Simple Scrapbooks is
all about getting your pages done quickly & cutely.  The
projects are just do-able...which is great!  And Memory Makers had
tons of great page ideas too.  That publication has come a long
way, that's for sure!  It's kind of a cross between Simple
Scrapbooks & Creating Keepsakes.  Not quite so basic but not
quite so over the top either.  Why not pick up a copy...of either
or won't be disappointed!

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