Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fun layout inspiration

you think this would be a fun layout to do?  8 1/2
x11...12x12...doesn't matter.  So cool!  The linear girl in me
LOVES it.  It all lines up perfectly.  All you need is one
piece of cardstock & one little embellishment (the heart). 
Here's what you do:  type your text into a word document & set
up as you'd like in a text box.  Highlight everything & change
the background color to black.  Keep it highlighted & change
the text to white (or whatever color), print out & attach your
photos.  Very easy.  Very cute.  Maybe I'll make one
today...we'll see. 

Oh, and it's Make-N-Take Thursday...all day we're making a cute card for just $1.  Will post it shortly. Adios!

Edited to add the photo of todays make-n-take:


Each card will be a little different...but very cool, none the less.


  1. To get that type of layout with the pictures, is there a template to use - in photoshop or picasa perhaps?

  2. i had loads of fun. Thanks for the space and time, just love them...the cards, too.

  3. where is your layout inspired by the above movie poster? needing some inspiration!