Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fixtures for sale

The store is coming together really nicely...if you haven't stopped
by, you should come check us out!  What you'll find is a thinner's not as's longer...and there's a HUGE
classroom!  The classroom is currently filled with a whole lota
fixtures that we just don't need any longer.  The slat wall that I
bought with the new location is FABULOUS & has allowed us to
condense our racks.  What does that mean to you?  It means
that we have some awesome racks that you could use for your craft
room....or even your garage.  We have pegboard that is ready to be
screwed to your wall to hold your goodies....some slat wall,
too.   Baskets, bins, tubs, bigger racks...racks that spin
(personally, I'm putting one of these in my craftroom so I can see the
stuff that I have)

and this rack, is a great idea for a craft room:


I'll even throw in some pegs....


That big sign that was out front of the store that said OPEN is for
sale...I'm not allowed to use it here.  It would be cool in someone's

Here's the deal though.  We have Midnight Madness
this Friday & this stuff needs to be out of the classroom.  So
come by soon & see what treasures you can find!  (I put a
listing up at Craigs List here.)

never a good idea to let a 3 year old use your camera.  I let Ray
walk around with mine on Christmas & take whatever photos he
wanted.  Turns out, he changed all my settings,
dials...everything...which results in funky looking photos for me. 
I didn't notice until I had to leave & by then it was too
late....ok I DID notice, but I didn't have a clue what was wrong...duh)

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