Thursday, January 8, 2009

Diamond Glaze...pretty awesome stuff!


It's been a long time since I pulled it out & used it.  I
don't know's amazing stuff!  What does it do, you might
ask?  Well, among other things, it creates a clear, glossy,
dimensional look to whatever it's applied to, kinda like epoxy. 
Some people even use it for an I wouldn't go that far...let's
not go crazy here.  But lately, I've been using it on
everything.  I made this mini book (it might be a class for
February, we'll see) and all the embellishments in it are covered with
Diamond Glaze.  Then I covered the "LOVE" letters with red paper
& Diamond was perfect!  Now, Diamond Glaze can be
temperamental (but really, who isn't?).  Shaking the bottle is a BAD thing (it creates bubbles that never, ever go
away).  If you get a bubble where you're trying to apply it, you
have to drag it out with, say, a needle (paper clips work, too)...cuz if
it has a bubble wet, it'll have a bubble dry.  Speaking of drying,
it does take a bit of time to dry...but don't let that scare you...the
stuff is AWESOME!  Why not give it a try? (Art Night girls: 
you'll be giving it a try this if you have it, bring it.)


  1. i use it as an adhesive...i must be crazy. :)
    it works wonders for holding down small solid items that don't have much
    "tooth". is that what its called? anyway i only use clear dimensional
    adhesive/glaze for sequins, jewels, and other stuff that would pop off
    within a couple of days. only takes a little and it saves money on other
    glues, tapes, pop dots, etc.
    can't wait to get my kit!!!

  2. Ooh! I like Diamond Glaze too, and haven't used it in a while either.
    Thanks for the reminder to pull it out!

  3. Just got some. I LOVE it. Thanks for telling me about it.