Sunday, January 18, 2009

Channeling Rachel....

My friend Rachel is
an amazing scrapbooker.  Many of you may remember that she worked
for me a few years back.  Here pages are SO creative...she takes
RISKS...she's ARTISTIC...she just goes with what she wants & it
almost ALWAYS works.  So today, I sat at home scrapbooking (a
miracle in itself) and was channeling Rachel the whole time.  I
just kept thinking, "what would Rachel do?"...just let it flow....get
into her groove....and while I wanted to create pages full of stuff like
she does, I just couldn't do it...mostly because I don't have all my
scrapbook supplies at home...but also because I apparantly hold a tight
reign on my creativity.  Something to work on, for sure. 

what I did do:  I made flowers from paper fun!  I
painted on a page & while not totally random, like Rachel, it
works.  I stamped & sanded & diamond glazed.  I tried
diamond glaze as an adhesive, too...still not sold on it for that but I
had to try (still LOVE my Art Institute Glitter Glue).  I added
hidden tags for journaling.  I used products that I wasn't really
sure what to do with:  the scalloped circle Christmas paper from
Making Memories (LOVE IT)...Strip Tease, journaling blocks & punch
out letters from Scenic Route.  And you know what?  It's FUN
to channel Rachel!  I may not have her style & flair, but just
thinking about her made me a little more creative :)  And you know
what?  My style is not half bad.







  1. really cool pages, kirsten! i'd guess that you weren't so much
    channeling rachel as you were channeling whatever it is that rachel
    channels! nice work!

  2. i am glad you tried the diamond glaze as an adhesive. :) i love the
    layers. and the flowers. making flowers from scratch are such a great
    way to use scraps.
    beautiful pages (your pages are always awesome...) and remember...when i
    first started at your store, i didn't really know what i was doing...i
    channeled YOU and my style evolved into what it is today.

  3. Kathlyn (mom) & TimJanuary 19, 2009 at 12:28 AM

    Hi Kirsten, I've tried to channel Rachel, too, but even when I'm
    scrapbooking side-by-side with her I can't seem to come up with her
    creative style! Thanks for the great comments about my daughter - I
    agree totally!

  4. Those turned out great! And look how much you got done! I like how you
    included a lot of photos in the layouts.

  5. Those are some amazing designs, Kirsten! I especially love those