Monday, January 19, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

It just occurred to me about 1 minute ago that Saturday
morning...early...I'll be on a plane headed to CHA.  What is CHA
you might ask?  Well, it's the Craft & Hobby Association Trade
Show.  It's the biggest shopping trip to stock the store for the
year.  There are more shows, but this is the biggest.  And I
can't wait!  What's fun about this show is that it's not just'll find, stamping, yarn, general crafts, gift items
& I read a "rumor" that Paris Hilton will be there on Sunday...not
that I'll be hunting her down (gag!) but she's apparantly designed a
craft line.  Go figure!  And Vanna White will be there...I
think with Lion Yarn (??)  Jayne Seymour, too.  And maybe even
Marie Osmond.  I got a preview of some new products from Advantus
& there's a new Marie Osmond line of storage.  Again, go
figure!  I definately have my eye out for certain products &
will be looking for the next hit for us.  Anything you're hoping
I'll find?  Anything you wish we'd get for the new store?

I get back from CHA we'll be frantically trying to finish up our
display for the Northern Arizona Bridal Fair that we'll be participating
in Saturday, January 31 at the Radisson Hotel.  It's always a fun
event!  Even if you're not getting married, it's a good place to
get ideas for parties.

And Mindy will be teaching her first
classes at the store this week.  Very exciting!  Tomorrow
she's teaching the matchbox class at 6:30 pm and Saturday she's teaching
a distressing class and a card class...all are so cute!  You can
check out the class schedule here and you can see photos of the projects here.

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