Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fun layout inspiration

you think this would be a fun layout to do?  8 1/2
x11...12x12...doesn't matter.  So cool!  The linear girl in me
LOVES it.  It all lines up perfectly.  All you need is one
piece of cardstock & one little embellishment (the heart). 
Here's what you do:  type your text into a word document & set
up as you'd like in a text box.  Highlight everything & change
the background color to black.  Keep it highlighted & change
the text to white (or whatever color), print out & attach your
photos.  Very easy.  Very cute.  Maybe I'll make one
today...we'll see. 

Oh, and it's Make-N-Take Thursday...all day we're making a cute card for just $1.  Will post it shortly. Adios!

Edited to add the photo of todays make-n-take:


Each card will be a little different...but very cool, none the less.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Don't Forget...

It's Wednesday Sale Day....check your emails or come into the store :)

The QuicKutz $1000 Product Sweepstakes
goes to Thursday, 2/5.  You MUST be present to win.  The
winner will receive $1000 worth of QuicKutz of their choice (from a
list, of course) and I want to see your beautiful face when you
win!  Here's the blog post with all the details.

There's a Fast & Easy Pages class tonight.  6:30 pm.  You can see the samples here
There are still a couple of spots available.  Give us a call to
sign up.  526-9292.  Bring photos.  And come 15-20
minutes early as you'll be picking out your paper when you get
here.  Your layout will not use the same paper as Sherry's. 
We'll pick out paper tailored just for your photos.  So fun!

And if you're interested in the January or February Basic Grey All About Me classes,
additional kits will be available soon.  Get your name on our list
& we'll get you a kit.  Just send me an email...or tell me
when you come by.  I'm expecting the product next week. 

Make-n-Take Thursdays: 
Each week we'll have a $1 make-n-take on Thursdays.  We do them
from open to close...make one...make ten...each one is just a
buck.  There should be a photo here by tomorrow.

Things I learned this week....

Wow!  I'm back from CHA and I'm pooped!  It was so exciting
to be there, see all the new stuff, do some make and takes...but it's
hard work.  But I'm sure you'll love the results of all that hard
work!  It should start arriving any day now....

Ok, so here's what I learned this week, in no particular order:

  • I couldn't live in California.  The people who drive there are crazy.  

  • I'd forgotten how much I love paint.  Just love the stuff!

  • The billboard for "He's Just Not That Into You" would make a perfect scrapbook page.

  • The booths I wanted to visit always seemed to be at one end of the
    convention center or the other...about 1/2 a mile apart...well, whatever
    5 football field widths would be...FAR.

  • People in general ignore fire alarms.

  • 8 hours in LAX, although dreading it at first, was a great way to read all of "Inkheart".  Now I'm ready to see the movie.

  • The clouds at sunrise from the top of them look like fluffy batting...soooo pretty!

  • Tim Holtz is an awesome teacher...and funny!

  • It's ok to eat ice cream for lunch & jerky for dinner.

  • That I love the clean & simple style.  Embellishments are
    cool...but in an orderly fashion (which is a riot...if you saw my house
    you'd wonder what the heck I was talking's a wreck!)

  • Barbara from Paper Metal Scrappers in Payson is a great roommate...and fun!

  • Red Robin has the BEST steak fries...EVER!

  • I'm not an altered artist.  And I'm ok with that.  And when I saw Claduine Helmuth's stuff, I think I found my niche.

  • That I LOVE Teresa Collins.  And you will too!

I'm uploading my photos flickr.  Just click on the flickr stats
under my Photos header to be taken to them.  They're not
labeled.  I'm too tired, sorry.  But you'll get to see some
really great new stuff!  Here are a few to tempt you...

It was prettier in person...but stunning just the same!


Do I need to tell you who he is?  (Tim Holtz)


Me & Claudine Helmuth
Love her's collage, but for me, it's a fun & clean
collage.  That sounds, I'm not a collage kind of
person...but her stuff, I love!  Here's an example of her work:


And to those of you who say you don't have room to scrapbook or
create, Claudine lives in Washington, DC in a 700 sq foot apartment with
her husband & 3 pets.  And her studio.  Can you believe


And this is just a display board at the EK Success booth.  The gal who
made these works for Inkadinkadoo & taught me how to felt :)  SO
easy (felting has nothing to do with this photo though...just thought
I'd throw that in for Audra)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yesterday I took 3 amazing classes at my trade show in
California...and this morning I took another.  I am SO excited to
show you what I learned!  Tim Holtz, Suze Weinberg, Claudine
Helmuth....all amazing!  You'll definately be seeing their products
in the store soon!  And I took a class to make the coolest
jewelry....LOVE it!  (Because I'm using a community computer that's
a little fluky you'll have to google those names to check out their
blogs...and I suggest that you'll love their stuff, promise!)

Ok...back to checking out the new stuff...have a great day!

Friday, January 23, 2009

QuicKutz $1000 Sweepstakes Giveaway!

Ok.  This is AWESOME!  QuicKutz has authorized us to have a $1000 product sweepstakes giveaway...can you believe that?!  Now I bet you're wondering how you can enter this AWESOME sweepstakes, aren't you?  It's SO easy!  For every $10 in purchases between January 23rd and February 5th you'll receive an entry into the drawing...and for every item you purchase that is QuicKutz, you'll receive an extra entry...yes,
you read that right! Spend $50 in the store & get 5 entries...spend
$50 on QuicKutz & get 10 entries...see how that works?  You
can also earn a ticket by signing up for our email list and updating
your mailing address.  So make sure to verify our information
before you leave (it's a free ticket, why not?)

So what exactly is
QuicKutz?  It's a personal die cutting system.  We have 3
types of tools in stock:  the Squeeze, the Revolution and the
Silhouette.  The Squeeze
cuts shapes that are on 2x2 dies.  Dies range from $6.99 for
single cut shapes to $12.99 for double cut shapes (it takes two dies to
make the shape you're after).  And the Squeeze comes with an
alphabet for $25 (it retails for $90).  Not a bad deal!  The Revolution (my
FAVORITE) cuts everything QuicKutz makes for dies.  It retails for
$100...we have it for $80.  There is an extra long 12" inch
platform for cutting borders & the new 4x8 alphabets.  That
platform makes your Revolution can cut around a dozen
letters at a time...LOVE it!  And last but not least is the Silhouette Digital Craft Cutter
It's similar to the Cricut, except that you hook it to your computer
& it will use what fonts you've already got on don't buy
cartridges but you can buy digital downloads.  I have several
customers who have it & LOVE it (maybe you ladies would like to
leave a comment here so everyone knows how cool it is).  The
Silhouette retails for $370, but we have it for just $175.  (it
does not work on mac, sorry!) If you have any questions, just ask!

Here's the scoop:  one winner will receive the
entire $1000 sweepstakes prize.  The winner will select their $1000
worth of product from a list provided by QuicKutz (it's 10 pages
long...there's a LOT to choose from!).  QuicKutz will ship the
items to you directly.  We will draw at 6:30pm on Thursday,
February 5th.  You must be present to win.  And to
thank you for coming, we'll have a fun little shindig for you all! 
You'll have a chance to earn extra tickets & we'll tell you all
about what I found at the trade show I'm headed off to.  Plus,
you'll get to see the new store...which ROCKS!

The fine print:  You must be present to win. 
Sorry, but I want to see the person who wins!  Tickets will not be
given for previous purchases.  Only purchases made 1/23-2/5/09
will be eligible for tickets.  You can use can use
discounts...but tickets are handed out based on the final total. 
No fighting or whining or I'll take your tickets away :)  Can you
dig it?

PS We have TONS of QuicKutz in stock, but
if we don't have something you're looking for, we'll order it. 
Payment in full is required to order it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Free Stuff, giveaways & a $1 make-n-take

Here's a free download for Valentine's Coupons that I just stumbled across....print them out & have a little fun!

Tim Holtz is doing a little giveaway here
Post a comment on his blog & you could win a bunch of his
stuff.  Did I mention I'm taking a class by him at 11:30 am on
Saturday?  I CANNOT WAIT!  The dude is AMAZING!

Bakerella is giving away a just have to guess which Mii looks like her.  Hey, someone has to win...why not you?!

Cathy Zielske is doing a giveaway here...

Kwerrnerdesigns is doing a giveaway here, too.

And don't forget to make comments on the Elle's Studio Blog this week...

I want to see one of my customers (or my niece Becky!) win one of
these great giveaways!  You can't win if you don't play :)

One more is $1 make-n-take Thursday. 
Stop by between 10 am and 6 pm to make a cute little card for just a
buck!  (I'll post a photo's at work...I'm at home...see
the dilemma?) See you soon!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January Contest Entries

Stop by the store to vote for your favorite!  All contestants
worked with exactly the same product...what they created came out of
their imaginations...and they're wonderful!  FYI--Winner recieves a
$20 gift certificate to About Memories & More & voting goes to
the end of the month.  Here's a glimpse of the entries:

P1040784  P1040786 




Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History in the making

matter how you feel about our new President, today is a historical
day.  Why not put your feelings down on paper?  This is a
perfect opportunity to scrapbook something that's happening right
now.  You can download a photo of President Obama from the internet
(took me 5 seconds to find one I liked), print it out & journal
your feelings.  This is something our children will want to
know.  How YOU feel won't be in the history'll be some
skewed account by the press.  Take a few minutes today to jot down
your feelings...good, bad, indifferent.  You'll be creating a
lasting impression of yourself & your views for your family. 
Isn't that what scrapbooking is all about?

Elle's Studio

Everyday this week, Elle's Studio is
having a cute project posted & you can enter a contest to win
prizes (all you have to do is post a comment).  We just got in a
few of their products & I have to say, I love them! 

The first day, they made these cute cupcakes (with tags that we have, I might add :) )

The 2nd day (yesterday) they melted crayons into letter &
heart cute!  I may have to make these for Ray (he's 3)

And today, they're making a super cute "Be Mine" banner, complete with a free download.


They're holding their drawings from the comments on the 24th (Saturday).  Let me know if you win!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

It just occurred to me about 1 minute ago that Saturday
morning...early...I'll be on a plane headed to CHA.  What is CHA
you might ask?  Well, it's the Craft & Hobby Association Trade
Show.  It's the biggest shopping trip to stock the store for the
year.  There are more shows, but this is the biggest.  And I
can't wait!  What's fun about this show is that it's not just'll find, stamping, yarn, general crafts, gift items
& I read a "rumor" that Paris Hilton will be there on Sunday...not
that I'll be hunting her down (gag!) but she's apparantly designed a
craft line.  Go figure!  And Vanna White will be there...I
think with Lion Yarn (??)  Jayne Seymour, too.  And maybe even
Marie Osmond.  I got a preview of some new products from Advantus
& there's a new Marie Osmond line of storage.  Again, go
figure!  I definately have my eye out for certain products &
will be looking for the next hit for us.  Anything you're hoping
I'll find?  Anything you wish we'd get for the new store?

I get back from CHA we'll be frantically trying to finish up our
display for the Northern Arizona Bridal Fair that we'll be participating
in Saturday, January 31 at the Radisson Hotel.  It's always a fun
event!  Even if you're not getting married, it's a good place to
get ideas for parties.

And Mindy will be teaching her first
classes at the store this week.  Very exciting!  Tomorrow
she's teaching the matchbox class at 6:30 pm and Saturday she's teaching
a distressing class and a card class...all are so cute!  You can
check out the class schedule here and you can see photos of the projects here.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I saw Yes Man with Don Friday night (while Kendall was watching The
Unborn...shudder!).  It was really good!  I wish I'd seen it
before I came up with Sparkle for my word of the year...actually, I
might just change mine to YES.  My husband was so excited at the
prospect he said, "so we're going sky diving for my birthday,
right?"  Um, no.  Um, no way in hell.  So I have to
re-think that whole YES as my word thing.  Cause, I'm not sky

Channeling Rachel....

My friend Rachel is
an amazing scrapbooker.  Many of you may remember that she worked
for me a few years back.  Here pages are SO creative...she takes
RISKS...she's ARTISTIC...she just goes with what she wants & it
almost ALWAYS works.  So today, I sat at home scrapbooking (a
miracle in itself) and was channeling Rachel the whole time.  I
just kept thinking, "what would Rachel do?"...just let it flow....get
into her groove....and while I wanted to create pages full of stuff like
she does, I just couldn't do it...mostly because I don't have all my
scrapbook supplies at home...but also because I apparantly hold a tight
reign on my creativity.  Something to work on, for sure. 

what I did do:  I made flowers from paper fun!  I
painted on a page & while not totally random, like Rachel, it
works.  I stamped & sanded & diamond glazed.  I tried
diamond glaze as an adhesive, too...still not sold on it for that but I
had to try (still LOVE my Art Institute Glitter Glue).  I added
hidden tags for journaling.  I used products that I wasn't really
sure what to do with:  the scalloped circle Christmas paper from
Making Memories (LOVE IT)...Strip Tease, journaling blocks & punch
out letters from Scenic Route.  And you know what?  It's FUN
to channel Rachel!  I may not have her style & flair, but just
thinking about her made me a little more creative :)  And you know
what?  My style is not half bad.






Thursday, January 15, 2009



Do your teenage kids do chores?  Do they get an
allowance?  How much allowance do you give them?  Is it tied
to their chores?  I can't remember the last time Kendall did a
chore...or got an allowance for that matter.  Ok, she does do some
things...with an eye roll and a great exhale of air...and quite a bit of
drama.   I asked her about it recently & she said it was my
fault she didn't do chores because she didn't have a chore chart.  A chore chart? 
What is she?  4?  We haven't had that since she was
little.  Tell me, do your 14 year olds still have chore
charts?  Is it time for me to get creative & make up a chart for a 14 year old? 
I'm looking for some advice here...she's not motivated by money...she
never goes anywhere....never buys anything (unless she has a gift
card).  And before you assume we buy her everything she wants,
think again.  When she went to Sea World camp a few years ago, she
had to sell cookies at a yard sale to help pay & had to come up with
her own spending money.  So she'll work when she wants
something...she just doesn't want anything.  So how do I motivate
her?  Threats?  Don't work.  Grounding?  Doesn't
work.  Begging?  Doesn't work.  Guilt?  Doesn't faze
her.  But honestly, my husband & I need some help without a
fight.  And I want her to be a productive member of society. 
Is that possible?  Is that too much to ask?  Any

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thursday Make-n-Takes for a buck!


Stop by Thursday, 1/15 between 10 am & 6 pm to make this cute
little card...for just $1!  All of the cards will be a little'll see why...and you can make as many as you like, but
they're each a buck.  Make-n-take Thursdays are new on the calendar
this year...each Thursday we'll make something new...sometimes a
box....sometimes a really never know what we might have in

This week at About Memories & More


Isn't she cute?  She looks so serious...not her personality at
all!  She's, um, intense.  And needy.  And the best
little lap dog around.  Ok.  She's not so little
anymore.  But she's supposed to be little.  Her name
is Mia (we like to refer to her as Mia Pee-a...gee, I wonder
why?).  She was so cute on our walk this morning.  Ori (the
new dog) decided to take Audra for little sprints...which got Mia
wanting to run (which in itself is hysterical...for a Westie, she like,
elephant sized).  Her long hair was blowing in the breeze she was

Things are moving along well at the
store.  New product has been coming in every day...when the UPS man
doesn't deliver it to some poor family that lives in the Continental
neighborhood.  Don't even know how that happened!  Anyway, the
new Love Notes
collection from Making Memories is here.  It's SO cute!  And
really, it would be great for more than Valentine's mom's
comment was that it was a great basic line.  And let's see...we
have new necklaces & tote bags from Dogeared.  LOVE this
stuff!  There are "pearls of love" & "make a wish" necklaces...and the tote bags
crack me up!  "Friends don't let friends trash the earth", "love
your mother", "your plastic bag can kiss my canvas", etc.  (they're
huge, too & made of sturdy them!)  Keep an eye
out for more fun new products on their gift wrap from Whimsy
Press, letterpress note cards from Orange Beautiful, stamps from
Inkadinkadoo...we plenty of GREAT scrapbook & paper craft products
on order, too!  AND I'm headed to market in a week...I cannot wait!

Yesterday the new sign went up at the store.  I have to say it's
AWESOME!  And dang expensive, so I hope you all love it, too!  I hope
you can see it from Mars, actually!  It has new LED lights inside it
& it's SO bright...makes the Walgreens sign look a little, well,

Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kids Crafting Class this Saturday, 1/17 at 10:30 am

Kids ages 7-12 will totally enjoy our first Kids Crafting Class of
the year!  They'll be making 3 scrapbook pages & 2 cards....and
leaving with supplies to make a few more.  Cost is $17 and
includes everything they might want to send them along with 5
photos...but that's it.  And mom's (and dad's ) you don't have to
stay for the class.  Here's one of the cute pages:


One page is 8 1/2 x11 12x12. 
Can't make the class?  Kits are available!  Give us a call at
928-526-9292 to reserve your spot now! 

And don't forget,
the Kids Scrappin' Night is from 4-10 pm on Saturday...$12...again, no
parents.  We'll watch movies, eat pizza & scrapbook!  The
Kids Crafting Kit would be a perfect start for their evening!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Basic Grey All About Me Class, Saturday, 1/17

1/14/09 Edited to add:  The
January class is FULL.  Call now to reserve your spot for the
February class for 2/21/09 at 1:30 pm.  It's a great Basic Grey
kit, filled with the new Valentine cute!

Join us for the
first of 12 Basic Grey All About Me classes, this Saturday (1/17) at
1:30 pm.  Cost is $25 & includes a kit from Basic
Grey...instructions & everything! 


This first class will last about 2 hours.  I'll tell you what
photos to bring when you sign up.  I just finished my sample layout
(it'll be at the store Tuesday)...and I REALLY enjoyed it!  Some
different techniques....some different was great having to
think outside the box!  I hope you'll join me!  Give the store
a call today (928)526-9292 to reserve your spot (or your kit)
today!  And yes, we will ship them to you (you pay shipping).

are 11 kits available each month (we have a few left for January), so
sign up early to make sure you get yours! Kits include new Basic Grey
releases (yeah!) and you are more than welcome to purchase a kit for the
class fee.  The benefit to the class is helpful techniques,
hanging out with me :), seeing the sample up close & personal, 
and the biggest'll get your pages done!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

White Balance....will I ever find it?

White balance on my camera has been an issue for me for quite a
while.  Most of my photos are too yellow.  I've been
aggravated, to say the least.  Then the Pioneer Woman's Miz Booshay posted
about what she learned this past year in photography.  It got me
thinking...I pulled out my camera Snapshots of A Good Life
course book & started playing.  Now, many of the photos you see
are Photoshopped....I don't possess that skill or that I
want my photos to look good straight out of the that too
much to ask?

This is an exaggerated version of what I've been
getting...can you see why I'm upset?  (I'd already started fiddling
with the white balance.)

Then I adjusted it some more....
DSC_0034 DSC_0035

Boy he looks another adjustment or two

Perfect?  Not yet.  But the color is more in line with where it should be.  Whew!

I gotta say, is read your camera manual.  Lost it?  Find it
online at the camera company's website.  Promise yourself you'll
start taking better photos today! 

(I know...still off, but isn't he cute?)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Diamond Glaze...pretty awesome stuff!


It's been a long time since I pulled it out & used it.  I
don't know's amazing stuff!  What does it do, you might
ask?  Well, among other things, it creates a clear, glossy,
dimensional look to whatever it's applied to, kinda like epoxy. 
Some people even use it for an I wouldn't go that far...let's
not go crazy here.  But lately, I've been using it on
everything.  I made this mini book (it might be a class for
February, we'll see) and all the embellishments in it are covered with
Diamond Glaze.  Then I covered the "LOVE" letters with red paper
& Diamond was perfect!  Now, Diamond Glaze can be
temperamental (but really, who isn't?).  Shaking the bottle is a BAD thing (it creates bubbles that never, ever go
away).  If you get a bubble where you're trying to apply it, you
have to drag it out with, say, a needle (paper clips work, too)...cuz if
it has a bubble wet, it'll have a bubble dry.  Speaking of drying,
it does take a bit of time to dry...but don't let that scare you...the
stuff is AWESOME!  Why not give it a try? (Art Night girls: 
you'll be giving it a try this if you have it, bring it.)

Just a peek...


Here's a little peek into the new store....tomorrow, we'll have the
classroom ready for Midnight's not perfect yet, but we've
come a LONG way!  It's really awesome!  Come check us out!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My One Little Word: SPARKLE

I didn't forget I'd asked you for your one little word (ala Ali Edwards here). 
I just had so many to choose from for myself that I couldn't narrow it
down.  Finally, I have.  My word for the year is SPARKLE.  And
no, it's not a Twilight reference, although it could be.  I want
to sparkle as a human a mother & a
photographer (of just my family :) ) a business owner.  It's
my constant reminder for me to be just a little better. 

I found your words to be so inspiring.  My hope was that we'd
get enough that I could put the words on the wall of the store...all
around at the top.  While they are quite wonderful, there's not
quite enough.  So I thought I'd borrow the list from Ali here
& use those words (plus all of your words) for everyday inspiration
that you'll see everytime you walk in the store.  What do you
think of that?

What will you do to remember your word?  Will you make a
page?  A sign to hang above your desk?  A card on your
wall?  What will inspire you to continue to focus on your little

My new little love


I'm not normally so smitten with little things that collect
dust.  But when I saw this sweet little girl on etsy (i was doing
some holiday shopping for something totally know how
that goes) I had to have her.  She's itty bitty and so much sweeter
in person!  All of her little parts are handstitched....really,
she's just precious.  I found her at
She has nothing to do with scrapbooking...but I just may have to make a
page in her if I could only get a photo as cool as she

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January Contest Kits are Ready!

excited to announce our new 2009 Monthly Contest!  Each month
we'll put together a kit of products.  The January Kit is $16 (it
contains over $22 in product!).  You'll make a creation all your
own & submit it for customers to vote on.  The winner receives a
$20 gift certificate to About Memories & More.

to add:  contest kits are limited.  There are only 6 January
Kits available (making your chances of winning quite high).  So get
yours before they're gone!  And I forgot to mention that after the
contest, you get your creation back :)
  Winners will be displayed until the next contest starts, on the 20th of the following month.

Here are the rules:


  • Create anything your heart desires, using the items in the kit.  Think pages, cards, mini books, boxes, wall art…there is no limit to what you can create!

  • You must use at least a little of everything in the kit on your project.

  • You may add cardstock to what was provided in the kit.

  • Project entries are due in the store no later than the 20th of the month.

  • Customers will begin voting for their favorite project the following day.

  • The winner will receive a $20 gift certificate to About Memories & More (to be used any way you want!)

Here's the January Contest Kit:



The other day I was looking for some inspiration...I'd like to say it
was scrapbook inspiration I was after, but really, it was any kind of
inspiration.  I was tired & just didn't want to do anything. 
At all.  So I picked up these copies of Simple Scrapbooks &
Memory Makers (we sell 'em).  I have to say, they were filled to
the brim with awesome ideas...I wanted to stop what I was doing (how do
you stop nothing) & just create! 

Specifically, in Simple Scrapbooks there was an amazing little mini
book using the KI Memories acetate sheets that was just adorable. 
There were tons of pages I wanted to copy...see, Simple Scrapbooks is
all about getting your pages done quickly & cutely.  The
projects are just do-able...which is great!  And Memory Makers had
tons of great page ideas too.  That publication has come a long
way, that's for sure!  It's kind of a cross between Simple
Scrapbooks & Creating Keepsakes.  Not quite so basic but not
quite so over the top either.  Why not pick up a copy...of either
or won't be disappointed!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Secret Life of the American Teenager


This is what I did all day yesterday; watched almost the whole
thing.  We're so tired from all the store moving that my husband
watched football all day; Kendall read a book all day (yes!); and I,
well, I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager...all
day.  from 2 pm to 9 pm.  7 hours of watching tv.  Can
you believe that?  And I kinda liked it, too.  Although if I
hear the 15 year old boy tell the 15 year old girl how much he loves her
one more time....ugh (he's NOT the father of her baby).  Kendall
told me she'd been watching it & I thought I should know what was
going on.  Good thing, too.  It's about a 15 year old who gets
pregnant the first time she has sex, if you can call it that, &
what it does to her life & her family & friends.  It
certainly doesn't glorify it.  As a matter of fact, it shows the
consequences of their actions.  Gives you a different perspective
on teenagers.  Actually, it made me realize that teenagers today
are no different than we were...which kinda scares me.  Don't get
me wrong.  I was a good kid.  But I did some things my parents
still don't know about...nor will they.  I just have to hope that
Kendall has a good head on her shoulders & will make good
choices.  Anyway, now that I'm sucked in, you'll know where to find
me tonight....sitting in front of the tv watching the season
premiere...of a teenager show.  Nice.

And before I forget, this is what my husband did Saturday (an early birthday present from my brother)

Great present!  They love the Cardinal's, win or lose, but they
love them even more because they won!  My husband said that the
crowd at the stadium was unbelievable!  So fun! 

And this is where they sat:

Sunday, January 4, 2009

January Classes

The January Classes are up at the store.  They're in the front
window of the new store & look quite delightful!  I hope you'll
check them out!  This month's classes are better than ever
before!  Classes include all the materials (unless otherwise
noted).  All you need to bring is a basic tool kit (scissors, paper
trimmer, wet & dry adhesive, a black and/or brown ink pad & a
journaling pen...if you forget your items or don't have them, we have
them available for purchase at the store).  Please register early
to guarantee that we have a spot for you.  Class kits, with instructions, are available for the price of the class.

Midnight Madness:  $12 6 pm to midnight Friday nights in January (1/9, 1/16, 1/23, 1/30)

Saturday Night Crop:  $12 4 pm to 10 pm Saturday, 1/10 (for all those gals who can't stay up me)

$1 Make-n-Take Thursdays:  All day Thursdays
we'll be offering $1 make-n-takes, beginning 1/15.  Want to make
more than one?  That's ok, too.  It'll cost a buck for each
project you make.

Paper Play with Andi: $15 Saturday, 1/10 at 10:30 am
and Tuesday, 1/20 at 11 am.  Each month Andi will be making some
sort of paper creation to share with you.  It'll be fun &
dimensional.  This month, you'll be constructing a heart box from
scratch using chipboard & printed paper.  For this class you'll
need to bring an xacto knife & cutting mat & Art Institute

Fast & Easy Pages:  $25 Saturday, 1/10 at
1:30 pm and Wednesday, 1/28 at 6:30 pm.  Sherry's popular class is
back!  You'll make two, 2 page 12x12 layouts using her
formula.  You'll need to arrive 15 minutes early for class to pick
out your papers.  Please bring photos.

Made in Minutes:  $20 Tuesday, 1/13 at 11
am.  You'll create a fun, 2 page 12x12 layout using the Mr. Campy
line from Cosmo Cricket.    Please bring one 5x7 and 4 4x6
photos to class with you.

Your Hearts Desire Mini Book:  $22 Wednesday,
1/14 at 6:30 pm.  This adorable mini book is perfect for
Valentine's Day or just letting someone know you love them.  You'll
be using adorable paper & embellishments from Heidi Grace. 
And if you'd rather your book not be heart shaped, we have a few other
shapes to choose from.

Kids Crafting:  $17 Saturday, 1/17 10:30
am.  Kids ages 8-12 will love making 3 different scrapbook pages
& 2 cute cards using the American Crafts Teen cute! 
(In the photo below, they're the items with the polka dot
papers)...Can't make the class?  Kits are available!  Mom's
can hang out in the store while we're in the classroom & shop or
work on their own projects at the make-n-take counter.  So fun!

Basic Grey All About Me Kit Class:  $25
Saturday, 1/17 at 1:30 pm.  (no coupons for this class,
please).  Basic Grey has designed 12 kits for 12 months of creating
a scrapbook about yourself...each month you'll be using their cutting
edge products & newest releases!  Kits are expected to be in
the store by the end of next week.  You may purchase kits & not
attend the class...the class is a bonus to get 'em done!  Those
who buy all 12 kits will get a 13th kit for FREE at the end of the year!

Kids Scrapping Night:  $12 Saturday, 1/17 4 pm
to 10 pm.  Kids ages 8-12 will love hanging out with their friends
in a fun, safe environment.  It's like a midnight madness for
kids!  They should plan to bring photos & their scrapbooking
supplies & we'll teach them a thing or two.  Plus, we'll watch
movies & chow down on pizza.  No parents allowed :)  (kits
would be an excellent project for them to work on!)

A Match Made in Heaven:  $16 Wednesday, 1/21 at
6:30 pm.  This will be Mindy's first class teaching with us &
we're so excited!  She's been teaching awesome projects for quite
some time & you'll love this one!  You'll be making this fun
box...with treasures hidden inside!

Distressing Tim Holtz Style:  $25 Saturday 1/24
at 10:30 am.  Mindy will be teaching you how to use a whole lotta
fun Tim Holtz products!  Alcohol inks, grungeboard, distress inks,
spinners, stamping with acrylic stamps & MORE!

Black & White & Read All Over Card Class: 
$25 Saturday, 1/24 at 2:30 pm.  Learn stamping techniques, use rub
ons, transparencies & punches to create six black & white cards
fit for Valentine's Day or just because!

All Day Crop:  $28 Saturday 1/31 8 am to 8
pm.  12 hours of scrapbooking fun!  We'll have lunch for you
& a all that time to work on your projects &
hang out with your friends (both old & new!)

We'll be at the Radisson Bridal Fair on Saturday,
1/31 from 9 am to 3 pm.  If you're getting married or just like to
party, stop on by & check out what we've created!  On Saturday,
February 7th, we'll be having a FREE bridal seminar to go over the
things we made & to help you plan your next move!

Fixtures for sale

The store is coming together really nicely...if you haven't stopped
by, you should come check us out!  What you'll find is a thinner's not as's longer...and there's a HUGE
classroom!  The classroom is currently filled with a whole lota
fixtures that we just don't need any longer.  The slat wall that I
bought with the new location is FABULOUS & has allowed us to
condense our racks.  What does that mean to you?  It means
that we have some awesome racks that you could use for your craft
room....or even your garage.  We have pegboard that is ready to be
screwed to your wall to hold your goodies....some slat wall,
too.   Baskets, bins, tubs, bigger racks...racks that spin
(personally, I'm putting one of these in my craftroom so I can see the
stuff that I have)

and this rack, is a great idea for a craft room:


I'll even throw in some pegs....


That big sign that was out front of the store that said OPEN is for
sale...I'm not allowed to use it here.  It would be cool in someone's

Here's the deal though.  We have Midnight Madness
this Friday & this stuff needs to be out of the classroom.  So
come by soon & see what treasures you can find!  (I put a
listing up at Craigs List here.)

never a good idea to let a 3 year old use your camera.  I let Ray
walk around with mine on Christmas & take whatever photos he
wanted.  Turns out, he changed all my settings,
dials...everything...which results in funky looking photos for me. 
I didn't notice until I had to leave & by then it was too
late....ok I DID notice, but I didn't have a clue what was wrong...duh)