Monday, December 1, 2008

Yet another photo op

As we were putting up the Christmas tree yesterday, it occurred to me
that I should be documenting why certain ornaments are my
favorites.  Wouldn't it be great for Kendall to know that these
little ornaments are my FAVORITE of all time?

I have 6 of these "Berly Bears".  I bought the first one at the
Festival in the Pines that they used to have at Ft. Tuthill in August
of every year.  These aren't your average bears...they are
handcrafted from scratch...and I LOVE them!  Last year I took a
photo of all 6 of them together.  I'll find it & post it so you
can see how sweet they are.  Every year I look to see if I can
find more, but I don't think they're being made, which is a sad, sad
thing.  I would have 100 if I could!  So if "Berly Bears" is
still making these ornaments, give me a call!


My mom has always painted ornaments with our names on them for
anyone important to our family.  This includes pets, friends,
spouses, kids, boyfriends...really, anyone who has touched our
lives.  This is the one that I've had since I was a baby. 
It's on my mom's tree.  The rule there is that you have to put your
own ornament on the tree & any others you find important.  I'm
pretty sure there are some old boyfriends in the box...they don't make
it on the tree but the ornaments don't really go away...well, unless you
"accidently" drop it.

Kendall has quite the collection of Barbie ornaments...which she
LOVES.  Last night she told us that she wishes she had more &
that now she wants Disney Princesses, too.  She was panic stricken
that she couldn't find her Little Mermaid ornament, but finally, it was
found & all was good!

We have quite an impressive collection of police ornaments as well (gee, I wonder why?). 

And every year my mom makes her tags for her presents using our
photos.  They end up being ornaments on the tree (she signs &
dates the back).  I love this tradition.  You get a little
walk through time every time you put up your Christmas tree.

you have ornaments that are special to you?  Have you documented
them?  Photographed them?  Told their story?  A little
food for thought....


  1. In an ad this weekend, I saw the Disney Princesses in a set. Maybe at

  2. From the time my Grandchildren were babies, they have all received a
    Hallmark ornament every year. They decorated Grandma & Papa's
    christmas tree. This year two grandchildren moved out on their own, so
    they can now take their ornaments with them for all the years to come.
    Hopefully, happy memories will be remembered every time they see these

  3. Kirsten, As always thanks for the inspiring ideas. I have those
    handmade school ornaments(with painted pasta noodles)and photos of the
    kids that become more meaningful every year. We also have had the
    yearly tradition of a new ornament each year. I started a Hallmark
    train series for my youngest one and 13 years later it is still going.
    I'm starting to hope it will end soon! My girls collected the Holiday
    Barbie ornaments for several years (or let's say Santa did that), but
    now they aren't real interested in hanging them on the tree :( Glad to
    see that Kendall is enjoying hers :)