Tuesday, December 23, 2008



Feeling a little shut in from the snow?  8 more inches last
night according to my husband.  But today the sky looks clear &
hopefully we have a can snow all it wants on Christmas
day, but until then, I have things to do.

Before I start on my to
do list (which includes defrosting & cleaning a
refrigerator...jealous?) I thought I'd tell you what's going on at the
store & what the moving plans are.  Here goes!

  • Tuesday (12/23) and Wednesday (12/24) for every $25 gift certificate you purchase, I'll add on an extra $5 (so
    $25 becomes $30, get it?).  If you purchase a $50 gift
    certificate, it becomes $60, a $75 one becomes $90, a $100 one becomes
    $120, etc.  Not a bad deal!

  • We will officially be open at our new location on Monday, 12/29!  Can
    you believe it?  There will be no disruption to you, other than a
    change of location.  We'll be open at the Kachina Square location
    thru Saturday, 12/27.  When we close at 4 ish, we'll pack up the
    store & move it to our new location:  1500 E. Cedar Avenue, #66 in the Safeway Cedar shopping center, right next to Walgreens.

  • With the snow comes a lot of "I'm bored!  There's nothing to
    do!".  Just so you know, we have an awesome selection of craft
    items for the kids to do.  Adults, too!  I figure with the
    weather being so cold & snowy it would be a good idea to have indoor
    stuff to make Christmas ornaments....decorate little
    boxes....make thank you cards....start a scrapbook.  I have to tell
    you that kids of all ages love to scrapbook & do paper
    crafts!  Give them some scissors & a glue stick & some
    duplicate photos & let them go to town.  Don't want them to use
    your supplies?  Then stop by for a quick peek into our 75% off clearance paper bins....and
    the clearance area has been marked down yet again...perfect for the
    kids!  And while you're there, check out our holiday
    papers....they're just beautiful and you'll get a head start on your
    holiday scrapbooking!

Here's what I like to do with the kids:  I put out craft stuff
for them to do so I can work on my own.  Keeps them busy so I can
work on my own stuff.  And then I let them create; however it is
that they want to.  I don't try to help them position things or
tell them what to do, because honestly, it hinders their
creativity.  Just let them create & you'll be plesantly
surprised with the results! 

Ooohhh, I almost forgot!  There's a holiday card contest at Big Picture Scrapbooking
All you have to do is upload your holiday card to their gallery by
12/31 and you'll have a chance to win a FREE Life Well Crafted class
from them.  What a fabulous idea!  There is no reason for you
not to enter.  All you have to do is take a photo of your holiday
card & submit it to their site.  Honestly, I bet you'll
win!  And since you will have a photo of your card, email it to me
& I'll make a photo gallery of holiday cards here.  How fun is


  1. Hmm, entering a card contest would imply that I actually made Christmas
    cards, instead of sending out some from the same pack of Hallmark cards
    that I have been using for 4 years now. Think I could submit the
    Hallmark one as my own? Would they notice?

  2. I saw that card contest and was wishing I still made ours so I could
    enter it. But alas, with 3 young children and needing a VERY LARGE
    number of cards, I gave up on that some years back. Rather spend all
    that time scrapbooking...
    Did you have to mention the refrigerator? No, I'm not jealous, but now
    that it has been brought up, can no longer blissfully ignore the state
    of my own.
    You're impressive - taking on the holidays and a move at the same time!
    Congratulations on your new space. Look forward to seeing it!

  3. I can't believe you're getting moved into your new location so soon!
    That happened FAST! Sounds like a road trip to Flagstaff may be in
    order real soon to check out the new digs!