Monday, December 1, 2008


Ok.  So you know Kendall & I are addicted to Twilight. 
Totally addicted.  Ridiculously so addicted.  Sunday we went
to see the movie a second time & it was so much better.  Same
movie, don't know why it changed for me but it really was SO much
better!  And I'm reading the book for a second time.  Anyway,
my friend Jeannie told me she got a special Twilight present today from a
student...look what it was:

Holy shit Jeannie! It's real, all right.  I feel like a school
girl with a little jealous streak...I know a couple of girls who read
this blog that are gonna feel my pain.  Kendall is totally jealous,
too.  Totally eating her heart out :)  Phew!  Not just
me!  I don't even know what to say other than Jeannie, you go girl!


  1. That's funny, Kirsten! My daughter Allie is obsessed too. She's seen
    the movie three times and is also re-reading the books!

  2. When I read the email from Jeannie this morning - had to check out her
    special gift. I did not expect to find this - and Jeannie, if you see
    this - I LOVE that photo (of you - not him!)

  3. Some girls have all the luck