Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Senior Tree

Every year our store participates in a tree decorating contest for
the NAU Gerontology Center.  They bring us a tree & we decorate
it.  Ok.  By "we" I mean my mom decorates the
beginning it was me....but hers are way better!  We always win some
sort of prize, but really, it's not the prizes.  We do it because
they raise money for senior citizens and well, because they're so
cool!  Here's what my mom did this year (with a little help from my
sister...who incidently is NOT crafty but did a great job!)




My mom is so cool!  The trees were on display at the Peaks
(a senior living community) and mom's won 2nd place.  I didn't get
to see the other trees so I can't tell you what first place looked like,
but if this was a 2nd place tree, then first place had to have been
awesome!  (Because this one sure is!)


  1. I still LOVE my tree that I won when you could bid on them downtown. The Peace on Earth tree is my favorite!

  2. This is really a great tree. What a lovely gingerbread men !!! Beautiful !!!!