Monday, December 22, 2008

Salt Cakes

Our family has a tradition of making cookies called "Salt Cakes"
every year for Christmas.  They are fabulous cookies...that contain
no salt.  The ingredients are simple:  flour, brown sugar,
real butter & cinnamon.  That's it.


You toss it all in a huge bowl & combine it with your hands.


Then roll it out & make cool shapes.


And enjoy them with your friends.


Here are some funnies from the day:

  • "Ray, where do you get all your money from?" (he's 3) "My dad's nightstand."

  • Ray dropped some cookie dough on the floor, looked at it and said "that sucks!"

  • Kendall texting a boy named Brooke all afternoon...right in front of us.

  • Leah & Kendall smearing flour all over each other.

  • When we dropped Ray off at his house, he tried to stuff my keys in
    the couch.  When I saw what he was doing he tried to throw them
    behind the couch.  I said we had to leave & he hid behind the
    Christmas tree.  Turns out he had so much fun he didn't want us to
    leave & thought if he didn't give hugs & kisses that we'd have
    to stay.  Melted my heart...

What are your family traditions?  Do you have them
documented?  Are they in your scrapbook?  Your photo
album?  I know, sometimes it's hard to remember to take photos of
those little things...but really, they're an awesome part of your life's

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