Friday, December 19, 2008



This is my kitty, Frisco.  He's 12, I think...he's been very
lovey dovey lately with the cold weather.  He really hates to be
cold & snuggles up right next to you.  If you dare to move, you
get claws in your hair, arm, face...whatever is keep you
right there.  This photo is a little blurry because I took it with
my left hand, like a self portrait.  Turned out pretty cool, don't
you think?  A change of perspective is sometimes all you
need.  You never know when you'll get something cool, so I
recommend you experiment.  If you're using digital it costs you
nothing & the results can sometimes be amazing.  And if they're
not, then just delete them. 

I was explaining to a new
scrapbooker the other day (Hi Vanessa!) that once you start scrapbooking
you start taking better photos.  What I mean by that is that you
start visually cropping your photos in the frame of the camera instead
of cropping them when they're printed.  It changes your
scrapbooking, too because you're working with full size 4x6 photos, not
odd shaped cropped down photos.  Something to think about....

Here's another from last night that was random:

My little dog, Mia, runs around like the speed of light.  Come night time, she crashes...hard.

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  1. oh they are sweet. i love that little mia. how is her butt? nice shot of frisco too. i love it when batman decides to love me.