Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh, pooh!

I had plans for many great posts today.  For instance,  I
was going to tell you about my daughters robotics team taking 2nd place
at Saturdays Lego Robotics Event (they're headed to the State event this

And I was going to tell you all about the City of Flagstaff
Winter Wonderland that we did the craft for (there were almost 300 kids
that did the project...wouldn't it be nice if I posted the photo of the
project?  Well, that'll have to wait a bit)  It was SO fun!

And I was going to show you photos of the pretty lights at Wheeler Park

But I'm afraid I spent my blogging time this morning giving a
bath to my very pissed off Westie, Mia.  See, she's VERY
needy.  The only time she's not jumping on you & begging for
attention is if she's poohed herself (it happens to the best of
us).  Yes, you read that right.  So this morning when we
couldn't find her I suspected the worst.  We finally found her
& she went & hid on her dog bed.  Really, that just doesn't
happen.  So I scooped her up & put her in the tub for a
bath.  Westies, if you don't know, are dirty little pigs.  So
she'd been needing a bath anyway.  I'll spare you the gory details,
but she had a huge wad of pooh stuck to her butt.  She sat in the
tub just shivering away because her mean dog mom was giving her a nice
warm bath, complete with conditioning treatment.  Followed by a
luxurious blow dry (which she LOVES).  Then I had the bright idea
that I'd give her a little bikini cut.  Normally, the groomer does
that but she hasn't been in a while.  So I grabbed my husbands hair
clippers (don't tell him I did this, please?) and proceeded to shave
her butt.  Now, when the groomer does it, it's this nice, straight
dainty little trim.  Um, I'm a MUCH better scrapbooker than

Who knew she had freckles on her butt?  So much for a nice thin it's cold outside now!

Here's how she felt about the whole experience

She's so mad she won't even look at me. 


  1. Love the freckled butt picture! LoL!

  2. That is one ticked off puppy! I do love the freckles though!

  3. Congratulations to your daughter! That's great!
    And condolences to your dog.

  4. You made me laugh uncontrollably. Thanks for making my day!

  5. you definitely posted a picture of your dog's bum hole!!! that is great.

  6. a what?? what exactly is Kendall doing???? good luck to her and
    teammates this weekend.
    well... don't be surprised if your peed off puppy decides to spread the
    good cheer in your shoes.. for doing what you done... LOL