Friday, December 19, 2008

Cute Cards & QuicKutz Silhouette & a Cute Candle, too!

For those of you who think making holiday cards is hard...too time consuming...or "I'm not creative" check this one out from kwernerdDesignBlog


Man, that gal is awesome!  One of the things I love about
her blog is that she posts videos of how to do projects.  Not that
I've ever watched one, but I love that they're there if I need
them.  Another thing I love is that she posts about all sorts of
things, using all sorts of products.  She just did a post about the QuicKutz Silhouette,
which we have coming in any day now.  I'm pretty excited! 
All of my staff (did you read that girls, ALL of my staff) will be
taking an online course & getting certified on how to use the
Silhouette.  Not that it's hard.  I just want them to be able
to talk to you in an intelligent manner.  Thinking you might want
one?  Send your honey in for a gift certificate for Christmas...we
may even have them by 12/22.  And you want to know the best
part?  They'll be on sale for just $175!  It's a $360
machine....for $175.  Can you believe it?  What is a QuicKutz
Silhouette you might ask?  Well,
it's an amazing digital die cutter that you use with your
computer.  It does some truly amazing things and if you click here
you can read all about it.

And over on ISTAMP is this adorable candle that Nancy got from a friend of hers.  What a clever idea!

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Kirsten! I am one lucky gal to be the recipient
    of Lorri's altered candle! I'm going to have to bring Lorri up to
    Flagstaff to meet you one of these days ... the two of you would get
    along fabulously!