Monday, December 15, 2008

Cleaning & cutting, oh my!

I spent quite a bit of time Sunday cleaning out my "craft"
room.  I use that term loosely.  At one point the room had all
my crafting items in it.  Then I bought the store (7 years ago)
and it became Kendall's play room.  I ended up taking ALL of my
crafting supplies to the store.  We were hard pressed to even find
scissors at the house.  Then last year I started my huge photo project
It took me months & months to do.  Mostly because I'd work on
it in 8 hour stretches & then not at all for a month.  (I had a
LOT of photos to deal with.)  But I got most of it done and was
left with a pile of miscellaneous enlargements, school photos,
cards...mementos.  That just sat in the middle of the craft room
floor....collecting dust & other debris.  DSC_0048

Recently we brought home a beautiful desk that I thought would
be perfect for crafting on.  So my husband added it to the pile in
the craft room.  Which then collected more debris.  Well, I'm
proud to say, I cleaned that whole room Sunday.  Actually, I wanted
to work on a custom order at home so I started cleaning it on Saturday
night.  Just enough so I could work.  One thing led to another
& the next thing I know, I'm up at 6:30 am cleaning the craft
room.  And it's wonderful!  So wonderful, in fact, I started
working on another project (one for my sweet employees).


Looks sparse, I know.  But it's clean & I love it! 
Likely it won't ever be this tidy again.  It has my favorite
scrapbook idea book of all time on it (Life Artist, by Ali Edwards), my
new Fiskars 24" cutting mat...loving that thing!  And my new Rock,
Paper, Trimmer iPod holder/paper trimmer.  Silly, I know.  And
those boxes are Martha Stewart boxes from Michaels. One is a photo box,
the other a paper box.  Still in their wrappers but I love

In my crafting adventures this weekend I tried out a new tool (to's been around for a bit)


It's the Fiskars fingertip cutting knife.  Suprisingly, you
have more control with it.  I ended up really liking it...and I
really love my new self healing mat.  It's big enough to cover a
good sized work surface & has great measurements.  And it's
only $22 or so.  We have both of these in the store...they're bound
to make any crafter happy :)

They would have been great to have for this project


(These are Creative Imaginations tree ornaments.  They come
white & 2 to a package for $1.69.  I used the Accu Cut machine
(it's free to use at the store when you buy our paper) to cut scallop
border strips.  Then I layered them to make this cute tree. 
What a great kids project!  Actually, if we have a snow day (or
even just because), why not bring your kids in with you & while you
shop (at AM&M) I'll help them decorate ornaments (it'll just cost
the supplies, well under $3).  How fun!

Hope to see you all
soon!  Don't forget that our die cut machine has TERRIFIC boxes
& bags that are perfect for giving little holiday gifts in (tags,
too!).  And we have some great holiday gift bags that are 100% cute, I just love 'em!

Ooohhhh, and Santa photos
were a HUGE hit!  We should have them back soon.  I'll post a
few favorites as soon as I get them.  Thanks to everyone who
came!  We collected a LOT of great toys for the toy drive!

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