Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight the movie.


Finally the movie we've been obsessing about is here! 
Yeah!  Those of you new to the blog may not know that everyone we
know has read the Twilight books.  All 4 of them.  Me. 
My mom.  Sherry.  Bridget.  Rachel.  Jeannie. 
My cousin.  A great many of our customers.  My little friend
MacKenzie has just started them.  As a matter of fact, Kendall read
the first 3 in 6 days (all 1800 + pages).  It was quite an
accomplishment for anyone, but especially for her.  Never had she
shown an interest in reading until these books.  Then it became her
obsession.  She's read them all several times.  Pretty cool,

Anyway, I had bought Kendall & I tickets to
the midnight showing but due to a school conflict had to trade them for
Friday tickets.  Boy was Kendall ticked!  I got lots of
comments like, "school is only important to YOU!  This movie is
important to ME!"   Yes.  Well then.  So we went
tonight to the 6:30 pm showing.  We got to the theater at 4:30 pm
to wait in line.  Funny thing is, we could have gone to that 4:30
show...there was room...but Kendall insisted we wait for the 6:30
show.  Anticipation, maybe?  The movie was everything she
hoped for.  She LOVED it!  Her friend Leah LOVED it.  Don
liked it.  I liked it.  I wish I could say I loved it, but as
is normally the case, the book is SO much better.  But reading the
book helped understand the movie, because you know the characters so
well that you don't need all the character development.  It might
be hard for someone who hasn't read it to understand why Bella falls so
deeply in love with Edward from just the movie.  And then there was
silly stuff...when Bella opened her bedroom door for the first time,
her bed was NOT on the wall I pictured it and it really bugged me. 
Carlisle was just too white.  And Edward?  Well, he's a fine
looking actor, but he wasn't what my mind pictured.  (Victoria
& James were perfect!)  That being said, I did quite enjoy the
movie.  As a matter of fact, I'll be seeing it again. 


  1. Yeah! I'm glad you guys liked it. Like Kendall I LOVED it, and can't
    wait to see it again. But I had many of the same complaints as you, but
    I can easily overlook them. The movie definitely can't capture the
    magic of the book but I feel like it's a fun companion to the book. And
    I also agree that you really really need to read the books first to
    fully enjoy the movie. It's not that it's such a terribly deep plot
    that you won't understand it, but I think that most people who don't
    read books are going to leave the movie dissatisfied.

  2. aaahhhh!!! i have to go! this weekend! glad you all enjoyed it. :)

  3. Kirsten, I LOVED the movie. Laurie and I went opening night and then
    again saturday night with Jen and her daughter Ariel. I thought a few
    of the scenes were completetly cheesy, but it really didn't bug me. And
    I thought it was different enough from the book that they could be
    looked at as seperate from each other altogether. I'm glad Kendall
    loved it. Have no idea what I will do with all my free time now that I
    can't obsess about seeing the movie all the time. Oh, and I love my
    hedgehog. THANK YOU!

  4. I agree with you. It was a good movie, but the book was so much better.
    But, usually when I see the movie of a book I have read I am very
    disappointed, but this time I was not, it was an enjoyable movie. Emily
    loved it, screamed when Edward came on to the screen and booed when
    Jacob came on the screen. It was a enjoyable evening.

  5. I just bought the first book on Saturday thinking that it was going to
    be my Thankgiving weekend reading material. I started it in Sunday
    morning and only stopped reading to pull out cereal boxes for breakfast,
    reheat left overs for dinner and eat lunch with a girl friend. I
    finished it last night. It was all I could do not to go buy the rest of
    the books today. I know we would not have a Thanksgiving dinner if
    picked them up. Needless to say I am hooked. I can't see how the movie
    can compare with the book. Still I think I will take Sarah to see it
    next weekend. And I think I will pick up the rest of the books on
    Wednesday since most of my prep for Thanksgiving will be done by then.