Friday, November 7, 2008

Holiday Papers Galore & a Contest


We've been working hard to bring you some amazing holiday papers
& embellishments...and the NAU merchandising students put it
together to make this darling display in our front window.  You'll
have to stop by to see the snow "puffs" & snowflakes hanging from
the ceiling...the darling button tree...and that K&Co paper
tree...just adorable! 

A litle plug for the Anniversary Sale:  Now is the time to start working on those holiday projects...and what better time?  Through Saturday 11/8 everything
in the store is at least 15% off for our Anniversary Sale.  And
those 10% off/$5 off a class punch card coupons that have been piling
up?  Well, they're worth 25% off the regular price of any single
item through Saturday...what a deal!  And there are no limits to
how many you can use! 

It's time for a little giveaway. 
Answer the questions below in the comments of this post & I'll
randomly draw a winner on Monday, November 10th at noon.  Winner
will receive a selection of holiday papers that are sure to  make
you smile!

Are you going to make any holiday gifts this year? 
If so, what will you be making? 
If someone were making you a gift this year,
what would be the ideal handmade gift to receive?

can't wait to see what your thoughts are!  And your ideas could
help someone who isn't really sure what they should share
away!  I'll post my thoughts & what my plans are on

Have a delightful weekend!


  1. I am actually make quite a few Christmas gifts this year. I am doing a
    calendar for my grandma, two exploding boxes for husband's grandma and
    my other grandma and grandpa, and a special book for another gift.
    Still hoping to maybe also get cards in again this year. If someone
    were to make me a gift, I would love a calendar, I really liked how my
    grandma's came out last year and they are really useful. Can't wait to
    getting going on all of them and seeing the finished product.

  2. No, I am not too crafty so I won't be making anyone anything this year.I
    would love a handmade tote bag or a scarf or a little lap blanket.That
    would be lovely!

  3. My poor family is getting no homemade gifts this year, but I am doing
    albums for my daycare kids (and their parents). This year I've decided
    to do it in Kirsten's thing that brings me joy type album so I'm pretty
    excited about the simplicity of that! If I were to get a homemade gift
    from someone I think a box of homemade cards would be fun. I've given
    them before and I always thought it would be neat to have a selection of
    homemade cards to pull from when I'm in need of a card fast.

  4. Kirsten, your button tree turned out AWESOME! Love the retro feel of
    that color for the holidays!
    I'll probably be making some altered wish lists for co-workers this
    holiday season, and probably try some of the latest and greatest crazes
    in the paper crafting blogland. I really should get my Bind-It-All out
    and use it to make some notebooks as gifts (which is what I would love
    to receive for Christmas). I also love to receive handmade ornaments!

  5. I want to make my mom a little scrapbook of special pictures of her and
    my dad. We lost him this year and I think it would be a little source of
    comfort for her.

  6. This year I will be making all of the presents that are sent to
    grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles. They will all be
    receiving a canvas like the ones taught by the Glitz Girls. I also plan
    on making some small gifts for all of my wonderful friends.

  7. I am almost finished with two advent calendars made from the little
    drawer boxes - sorry I am horrible with brand names - I got them at AMM -
    they are very cute. I will certainly be making a few special cards and
    gift tags. I hope to make a couple of little knitted things, and I
    have one of those clear albums that it would be nice to finish for my
    I would love to receive anything handmade. I am wishing for (custom)
    jammies from mom and art from the kids.

  8. I only make Christmas Cards but that's pretty much it. As far as gifts
    that I would like to receive, I love anything homemade. I think those
    are the best gifts of all.

  9. I only make Christmas Cards to send out to everyone. As far as gifts
    received, homemade anything is the greatest gift of all.

  10. I am making cork boards, handmade Christmas cards and photo brag books
    this year. I am also in the process of making a recipe box and an
    advent calendar for family members. If someone were to make me
    something, I would enjoy a scrapbook. I love to do the pages but I
    would love a covered album!

  11. LOL - Do you mean what do I WANT to make for Christmas gifts? Or what I
    will actually GET made for gifts?
    A photobook from shutterfly for my parents and framed pics of the kids
    (those are actually done already). A Native American dress-up outfit for
    my son, doll clothes for my girls, their "year-in-review" page for
    2008, painted canvas hangings for their doors with their names on them,
    Am also working on the "December daily" album project (from Ali's
    website) and still need to put together the "week-in-a-life" album from
    last month. Oh, those are gifts for me!

  12. This year I plan on making some christmas photo album with the word
    christmas spelled out in cardboard. I hope you know what I am referring
    to, you have one in your store that says BEACH.... I think families
    would enjoy that display. As for myself, I would like handmade albums or
    boxes that unfold, I think they are just adorable and crafty. ANything
    hand made always catches my eye.

  13. besides cards - I am making decorations with candles, calendar thingy's
    for yr 2009/2010 and the clippy boards. been learning alot fom the
    different blog sites and all those wonderful papercrafting books.

  14. I am making gifts for family and friends this year, mostly working on
    the canvas projects with some favorite photos. I will have to say that I
    have already received a "handmade" gift this year from my children. A
    photo of them all together with the best smiles and then a video of
    sorts they put together of me from birth til now. It was actually a
    birthday present, but I am so happy with both gifts that it could be my
    christmas present also!

  15. I'm making nearly all my Christmas gifts this year, including Christmas
    Cards for all the friends and family. Many of my family members will
    recieve a set of handmade canvas shopping bags and others will receive
    crazy quilted items. As for what I'd love to receive ~ I love handmade
    things, so anything someone makes would be lovely!

  16. I'm making several of the exploding boxes for teachers and grandparents.
    I'm also making 6x6 versions of your Joy book as gifts (they turned
    out really cute:). And finally, I am making some homemade cards to
    package together and give as gifts. Thanks for all your great ideas on
    your blog!

  17. This year I am making Christmas wreaths from fabric and enhancements. I
    really enjoy making these wreaths!!

  18. This year I am making some knitted Christmas Gifts. I love to knit and
    love all the different yarns out there to choose from! If I could say
    what I would like for Christmas it would be something from About
    Memories and More or a class from AM&M! I love your store and
    everything in it!!!

  19. I'm making a book for Addison's teacher at The Ark. Thats it, though.
    My poor family gets nothing personal this year. My husband Adam plans
    to make a book for his mom. He's done it before and it turned out
    rather nice. I'll be proud of him for doin it again. If I could get
    something homemade, it would be a HUGE WARM blanket to keep me warm from
    the awfulm snow.

  20. I have made two calendar photo albums for Christmas - each month has the
    calendar and photos of the special event or people of that month. I
    have made family christmas cards. I have made one 16 x 20 canvas and am
    in the process of making two more as well as magnets for the
    refrigerators. As fun ways to open a mini christmas gift that will hold
    money, jewelry, etc... I am making canned gifts for my niece/nephews to
    open by popping the lid on top to reveal a surprise in the bottom. For
    one recipient I will be making an exploding box. From the time I was a
    child, my favorite gifts have always been homemade, so anything would
    be special as it would be made with love.