Saturday, November 1, 2008

Greetings from Snow White

White here.  Had a great time at the ball, um I mean Halloween
Festival!  All those cute little dwarf's...oops, I mean little
kids, were SO cute!  One little girl asked me if I really was Snow
White...I asked her what she thought & she said, "Um, yeah, I
do!".  Well then, of course I'm really Snow White! 
Who else could I be?  Another little girl really wanted her picture
taken with fun!  I wish I would have primped a bit
more.  I had to change my clothes in front of everyone.  There
weren't any mirrors (gotta keep that evil witch away!)  Prince
Charming came a long & took some photos, and well, I was shocked at
my appearance.  Not very Princess like to be so disheveled! 
But boy did I have a GREAT time!  Here are some of the dwarf's,
oops, I mean little kids, that came to visit me in my castle at the






Aren't their masks adorable?  They really loved taking a break to create these!

Now, here is my FAVORITE dwarf, I mean, KID of the day...

Elvis is in the house!  He was SO cute!  And TOTALLY into his character!  He made my heart melt. 

Stacey was my trusty servant, well, volunteer helper & she ROCKED!

And really, what event is complete without a cute little sock monkey? 


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  1. Kirsten, your photography skills are AMAZING! Thanks for sharing these fun costumes!
    btw ... you are a beautiful Snow White!