Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taking Better Family Photos

It's that time of year where you'll be surrounded by family &
will have an opportunity to take some family photos.  The more
people you add to the photo, the more difficult it becomes...believe me,
I know.  My crazy nephew did his darndest to ruin some family
photos, but that's another story.  So I've searched online &
found some links to websites that talk to you about taking better family
photos (they're listed below). 

Personally, I believe that
to get the best photo you should get familiar with your camera. 
Make sure the battery is charged.  Read the owner's manual (you'll
be surprised how helpful it is!).  And really, it pays to get in
close.  You don't need to see from head to toe.  What
you're trying to capture is the feeling of the moment...not trying to
make someone feel uncomfortable because they feel fat.  Who hasn't
heard that one?  Or "I'm not photogenic".   And be aware
of your surroundings.  That grove of trees may be nice, but do
you want a tree growing out of someone's head (a
merger).  And posed photos look just like that...posed. 
Try for natural.  Don't have everyone say "cheese". 
Designate the cornball of the family to tell a story & make them
laugh.   Really, it makes for a better photo.  Just keep
snapping away while they're laughing & enjoying themselves.
 And there's no such thing as too many photos.  Take 400 and
you're bound to get some good ones!  (With today's camera's being
digital it's both affordable & easy to take a multitude of get to snapping!)  And one last thing....full shade or full sun. 
Don't mix the two or you'll end up with blotchy photos.  Trust me
on this.  And here's the scariest suggestion of them all....turn
off your flash.  It changes everything!

Here are the websites that you can get some excellent information from:

I happen to think that The Pioneer Woman has some EXCELLENT tips for
photography.  Read throught the archives, you won't be sorry! 
And while you're there, check out her recipes.  I've tried 1/2 a
dozen or so & they are SO good!

Here are some other sites I found (with the help of google). 
Just copy & paste the links if they aren't working for you.

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