Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Scrap Pink...a HUGE success!

Well, Scrap Pink has come & gone...and I have to say, it was
AMAZING!  We had lots of good food...lots of laughs...and lots of
cropping over our 3 day extravaganza!  Here are a few of my
favorite can check out the rest on the bottom right hand
side of this page.


Ok.  So I put together these really cute little boxes for
the croppers.  I folded 1/2 the shirts, stuffed the boxes
& thought I should take a picture...well...look how I folded the
tshirts.  Crap!  Had to re-do them all again...  And
Betty made the cute pink boxes & filled them with photo cleaning
cloths that she made...adorable!  And gave us the HUGE wooden
clothes 'em! 


Cute mugs!  I made all the tags...crazy, is what I am...there
were 24...but I really wanted to use the new Jenni Bowlin
Crepe Paper was so worth it!  That stuff is
AMAZING!  I used QuicKutz Chemistry for the Celebrate &
QuicKutz Moonlight for the You...I LOVE those 4x8 alphabet


Do these girls EVER work?   Actually, they do...they
are AMAZING!  I'm just teasing becaue of the book they made me for
my here to see it.


Vickie is normally really neat when she scrapbooks...what
happened here?  Holy cow!  She had maybe 6 inches to
scrapbook in...good thing she was making a 6x6 book!  


This is Vickie W.  She's the lucky gal to win the
Sedona Scrapbooking Retreat.  Way to go!  But now the
others know who you are....might want to watch your back...that was
THE prize to win!


And this chick?  Well, she provided me with some
photos of what my employees REALLY do when I'm away...hmmmm....thanks
for the info Holly!

 Olivia 2 

Who knew?  Olivia has a wild side, apparantly!  She's SO quiet...I never would have guessed!

As many of you know, I had to miss the last day of Scrap Pink because
my father in law passed away.  I owe a HUGE thanks to the
following people who made sure I could go & be confident that the
show would go on without a hitch.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my
heart!  Lyn Keltner, Kelly Miller, Mindy Fisher, Betty Groom, Diana
Alexander, my mom Andi, & her Bob, my best friend Audra, & my
fabulous employees Sherry, Olivia, Bridget &
Stacey. I was able to go & focus on my family & not worry
at all about the store.  I couldn't have done it without you!

And a big thank you to all who participated in the raffle...those who
gave prize donations, too...we were able to raise over $1000 for Susan
G. Komen for the Cure!  Whooo hoo!

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