Thursday, October 2, 2008

A new member of our little family


Meet "Ori".  He's a wonderful little mutt that was totally
in love with my father in law.  We're so happy to add him to our
clan.  Now Maggie & Mia have a new little friend to play
with.  And Kendall is totally in love with him.  She's decided
that Maggie is mine, Mia is Don's & Ori is hers.  Well, until
it's time to walk them, then they're all mine.  


Isn't he sweet?  And he's SO good!  Rode in
the car for over 6 hours & just
pacing...wish I could have said the same for myself!  Hope he likes
to walk...a lot.  Not only does he need it....he looks like
a sausage....but we walk 5 miles a day....hmmmm....will have to
ease him into that! 

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