Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Treats

My pal Audra made these cute Halloween gifts for some friends...


Isn't this cute?  The skeleton is a Cosmo Cricket rub-on.
Rub-on's work great on glass, plastic (such as this baby bottle),
ceramic...any smooth surface, really.  Just adds a bit of pizazz,
don't you think?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!


Before you start your trick or treating, visit us
at the Halloween Festival at Thorpe Park for free crafts for the
kids.  Our table will be doing door hangers & masks...lots of
spiders & fun!  We'll be there from 4 pm to 8 pm
(it's FREE).  At 6 pm, the Haunted House opens up.  It's
recommended for kids ages 12 & up (cost is $3 & a can of food, I
think).  Make sure to give Don & Kendall a good scare while
you're there!

And we'd love to see you at the store today!  Check out our really cool Halloween papers
& embellishments...perfect for scrapbooking those little goblins in
your life!


Speaking of's mine:


Yeah.  That's how a teenager smiles.  "Mom, you KNOW I
hate to have my picture taken."  Ah, but how I love to post photos
of you!

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Amy Butler from K&Co

I'm LOVING the new Amy Butler Lotus line from K and Company. 
Holy cow is this stuff cool!  Most of the new packaging features
die cuts on it, to reduce waste.  And now she's printed patterns on
the back of her papers so you can cut out fun shapes...SO cool! 
Here are a few of my favorites:

Kanco  Kandco  Butterflies  Cool 

See those little butterflies?  They punch sweet! 
And the flourish paper is laser cut!  The rub on's have
bling....oohhh, it's just beautiful!

And there's a new line of Christmas...kinda old fashioned, vintage.  Very cute!

Xmas  Xmas1  Xmas2  Xmas3 

Xmas4  Xmas5  Xmas6  Xmas7 

There's lots more, too! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Funky Buttons


Saw these funky button flowers on the Just Something I Made
blog.  They are super easy to make!  I'm sure you all have
tons of buttons...who doesn't...and just wonder what to do with
them.  Well, wonder no more.  Click here
for the instructions with photos.  She uses punches for the
flowers (which we have) but you could use our Accu-cut flower dies for
the same effect.  What a great way to use scraps!  I can
envision these in all sorts of colors to match your decor...ooohhh, the

Monday, October 27, 2008

High School Musical 3

Ok.  I'll admit it.  I LOVE cheesy teenage movies. 
Always have.  I thought I might outgrow them.  But I was
wrong.  I LOVED High School Musical when it came out. 


It helped that Kendall watched it 100 + times, but then "Get
your head in the game" was quite addictive.  And "We're all in this
together" is a great song!  It was fun, lively & not as cheesy
as you might expect. 

Then came High School Musical 2, which, honestly, wasn't my favorite. 


The kids go off to summer jobs...which basically showcases spoiled Sharpay, my least favorite character. 

let me tell you how excited I was for High School Musical
3...VERY!  So much so that I corraled myself an 11 year old (and a 3
year old) so I could go.  MacKenzie & I made plans to go see
it even if no one would go with us.  Kendall begrudgingly
went.  And Don came too.  I LOVED it.  LOVED it. 
Did I mention I LOVED it?  Kendall was dancing in her seat, but
will totally deny it.  And Don thought it was cute.  The songs
are fun...the characters are adorable...and that Zac Efron is not hard
to look at.  I know.  I'm old enough to be his mother...but
he's pretty cute.  I can't wait to see it again.  I even
considered buying the soundtrack (now I just sound like a geek).


For all you other High School Musical fans out there I have to let
you know that they now make scrapbook paper & stickers.  Yes,
it's true.  As a matter of fact, we have two different papers &
a sticker sheet that are pretty cool.  Kinda fun, actually. 




Best of Flagstaff

Every year the Arizona Daily Sun has a Best of Flagstaff
contest.  Used to be you could vote on paper & mail it
in.  Now it's all electronic.  You can register and vote here
This is fun to do!  It's a way for you to support local
business.  And this year, I saw that they added best breathtaking
view, best place to pop the question & best cheap thrill. 
There are TONS more.  So I urge you all to vote.  Wouldn't it
be nice if About Memories and More won Best Craft/Hobby Shop? 

Sunday, October 26, 2008

All Day Crop Fun

Saturday was so much fun at the All Day Crop!  15 ladies joined
us for a day of scrapbooking, chatting, eating (lots of eating!) & a
cute little make-n-take.  Michelle Meisenbach was here for a book
signing & we had an impromptu page contest.  Here are some
shots from the day:

Betty & Diana made close to 100 of these
cute little frankensteins.  I wish I would have taken a photo of
the end result..they glued them to the front of small white paper bags,
added a green piece with hair (QuicKutz grass) to the back, and a strip
of paper for a handle.  They filled  them with lots of
candy.  SO cute!

See?  We really do work at crops!  This is one of Kelly's super cute pages in progress...


And here's the card we did for the make-n-take...lifted
right from a card I saw on  Then I turned around and
made 9 Christmas cards just like this...I was trying to see how many
you could make out of the 3 can make 9 with very little
scrap left over (you'll need a card for the base, but 9 cards is pretty
good!)  Oh, and that super cool scallop circle is a 3" punch from
EK Success.  Last I checked, we still had one.  You should see
the smaller sizes, too!  They make super cute flowers!


Here's Lyn with Michelle, the author of "Lifted". 


A signed book...

Jeannie's page entry for the impromptu contest...


Kelly's entry...

Vickie's entry.  The goal was to lift elements from a page they
liked in the book.  Scraplifting is about taking elements, colors,
or even entire pages that you like & using them in your pages. 
Very cool!


Michelle & me.  I really enjoyed her.  Nice gal!

Have a fantastic day!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Lifted" book signing

us this Saturday, October 25th from 2 pm to 4 pm when Lifted author
Michelle Miesenbach will be here doing a book signing.  Don't
forget to bring your copy to get it signed!  Want to know a little
about this book?  Here's a review of it here

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taking Better Family Photos

It's that time of year where you'll be surrounded by family &
will have an opportunity to take some family photos.  The more
people you add to the photo, the more difficult it becomes...believe me,
I know.  My crazy nephew did his darndest to ruin some family
photos, but that's another story.  So I've searched online &
found some links to websites that talk to you about taking better family
photos (they're listed below). 

Personally, I believe that
to get the best photo you should get familiar with your camera. 
Make sure the battery is charged.  Read the owner's manual (you'll
be surprised how helpful it is!).  And really, it pays to get in
close.  You don't need to see from head to toe.  What
you're trying to capture is the feeling of the moment...not trying to
make someone feel uncomfortable because they feel fat.  Who hasn't
heard that one?  Or "I'm not photogenic".   And be aware
of your surroundings.  That grove of trees may be nice, but do
you want a tree growing out of someone's head (a
merger).  And posed photos look just like that...posed. 
Try for natural.  Don't have everyone say "cheese". 
Designate the cornball of the family to tell a story & make them
laugh.   Really, it makes for a better photo.  Just keep
snapping away while they're laughing & enjoying themselves.
 And there's no such thing as too many photos.  Take 400 and
you're bound to get some good ones!  (With today's camera's being
digital it's both affordable & easy to take a multitude of get to snapping!)  And one last thing....full shade or full sun. 
Don't mix the two or you'll end up with blotchy photos.  Trust me
on this.  And here's the scariest suggestion of them all....turn
off your flash.  It changes everything!

Here are the websites that you can get some excellent information from:

I happen to think that The Pioneer Woman has some EXCELLENT tips for
photography.  Read throught the archives, you won't be sorry! 
And while you're there, check out her recipes.  I've tried 1/2 a
dozen or so & they are SO good!

Here are some other sites I found (with the help of google). 
Just copy & paste the links if they aren't working for you.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Last week my husband's brother & his wife came to stay with
us.  Ron & Brenda are actually from Flagstaff, but lived in
Yuma (15 years), then Surprise (4 years) & now in San Antonio, TX (2
years).  We don't often get to see them, which is sad, because I
really enjoy them.  They asked me to take some family photos of
them before they left...and I did...I'll share some of my favorites, but
note that I am NOT a professional (and you can tell).


Chad & Aimee came to visit, too.  Isn't Chad the spitting image of his dad?  Holy cow!

Ron was laughing at a story someone had just told about Chad....I can't share was a bit rude...but oh so funny!
My husband (center) is one of 6 kids.  Here are 3 together.  I've never seen a resemblance.  Do you?

This was fun!  And while the photos are not perfect, we had SUCH a good time!  That's really all that matters.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween Fun

Every year for 6 weeks or so we have NAU merchandising students visit
the store.  They're goal is to create a display, do a
window...really whatever we need...and then their teacher comes &
grades it.  Yesterday was the first class.  Here's what the
girls did in the store's front window:



These girls have talent.  They created the cutest
display!  Many of the items they made...some we had made. 
Every time a new group comes they tell us how they're not creative &
don't know how to do this.  Well, if this isn't creative, I don't
know what is.  So if you've been holding off on making something
because you don't think you're creative, I'm here to tell you that's not
true.  We have the tools to help you make just about

Did you like the super cool masks?  That's a
new die cut we have for you to use.  The spider is a new die cut,
too.  Oh, and there's a new door hanger.  And FYI:  it's
FREE to use our die cut machine when you purchase the paper from
us....the possibilities are endless!

Doesn't these projects make you want to just create something?  Goodness, they make me want to!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Made In Minutes

Class is Tuesday, 10/21 at 6 pm.  There are 4 pages to make...had a little issue with my photo of the 4th one....sorry!




Fast & Easy Pages

Here are the pages for both the 10/18 (Sat at 11 am) and 10/29 (Wed
at 6 pm) Fast & Easy Pages Class.  Cost is $25 & includes
the supplies.  You bring the photos & your paper trimmer, ink
pad, scissors & adhesive.




Horribly blurry...sorry! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Coming Soon

Coming soon!  Photos of the upcoming classes for October. 
Yes, they brain has been addled & I keep forgetting to
post them...but they're coming soon, I promise!  And if you can't
hold out for the photos, all of the projects are up at the store. 
See you soon!

Cute Halloween Project

I was on the Creative Imaginations website & found this cute Halloween decoration.  How easy!  Would be a fun project for kids, don't you think?


#15800 Who’s There Paper

#15801 No Trespassing Paper

#15802 Boo-Ware Paper

#15805 Spooks Xing Epoxy Sticker

#16259 Bare Elements Lisa Chipboard ABC

Chipboard panel (3”x 3”)
Black cardboard or foam board for backing owl
Craft knife
Hole punch

1. Create templates for an 8 inch triangular owl body and an 8 1⁄2”
triangular wing. Trace template and cut out of black cardstock.
2. Trace templates onto back of No Trespassing Paper and cut out.
Adhere lightly and stitch to cardstock triangles.
3. Remove S, P, two O’s, K, Y, V, a bracket and C from a set of Lisa
Chipboard Letters. Trace the letter C onto a scrap of chipboard and cut
out to make the second letter C.
4. Adhere Who’s There Paper to the S, P, K, Y and V letters. Trim with
craft knife. Adhere Boo-ware! Paper to chipboard bracket, O’s and C’s.
Trim with a craft knife.
5. Arrange triangles for owl’s body and trace shape on backing
material. Use Flora Craft Puffy Paper or cardboard to give the piece
additional stability for hanging.
6. Using a Xyron or spray adhesive, adhere the triangles to the backing and cut out.
7. Trim the letter V to form beak behind the letter O eyes. Adhere
letters to owl spelling out the word “SPOOKY”.
8. Adhere bracket for eye tufts, and letter C’s for feet.
9. Embellish the owl with a sticker from Spooks Xing Epoxy Stickers.
10. Punch a hole in the top of the owl and suspend from a black ribbon.