Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What do I do with all the photos I take?

Digital is just amazing!  Before you know it, you can take 500
photos & still have room for more on your SD card.  Just the
other day, 4GB card exceeded 1000 photos.  yep.  1000.  I
took some super cute photos of my nephews...76 at Sean's first football
game, to be exact.

#22, that's my nephew Sean...

And the same day I took 62 at Audra's Ice Cream Social

And when I went to Lake Powell with my brother & his family, I kept 269 of the photos I took.

have come to the realization that I cannot afford to house nor pay for
all of those photos to be printed.  And while I completely adore my
nephews & Audra for that matter, I do not need to have a bazillion
photos from their events in my albums.  That's what their
albums are for.  So I'm taking a tough stance with myself...only
print the ones I love.  Keep all the rest, but only print those
that I love (unless it's Kendall's birthday & then I'll keep all

So what's an obsessed shutterbug to do?  Well, this
weekend, for
instance, every day I uploaded my photos into iPhoto (I use Picasa on
my laptop, which is free from Google).  I delete the super hidious
photos...edit out a few zits...and then save them to a folder on my
computer called "photos to upload to".  (I'm
not big on editing my photos...mostly because I don't know how
to).  I created folders for my niece Becky & Audra & burned
the photos I took at their "events" onto cd's for them.  I'm still
keeping the photos...just don't need to print them all (this is my
mantra...have to remind myself of it repeatedly).  Then this
morning, I uploaded my photos to so I can get them
printed.  It is so much nicer to do it from the comfort of my
room than the kiosk at Sam's Club.  And lately, I've been printing
photos that I want for my photo album (most of them, truth be told)
& then going back & ordering different size prints for my
scrapbook pages.

Why do I like 
Well, they're fast.  The photo quality is AMAZING.  You can
order your photos in any size you want.  2x2, 3x3, 8x10,
12x12...the list is endless...and yes, 4x6 is there, too.  They
store your photos on their site, which is an additional back up for
FREE.  You just have to order prints once a year.  They only
charge $2 shipping.  When you stand in line at Sam's to upload a
couple of photos off a card that has over 1000 photos it takes
FOREVER.  The kiosk slows down to a snails pace & if you dare
to try to edit a photo you might as well plan on another hour (this is
for cards that have a TON of's pretty fast for cards with
say, 100)  Don't have that problem at home.  I can upload in
my jammies.  Or hit upload & go cook the the dog.  Oh, & Karen Russell told me to :) 
And I've never been happier.  To get 15 free prints
& try them out, either enter their site from the flashing icon to
the right of the screen or enter code GFU153 at checkout.  You
won't be disappointed!

Now, lots of people print
their photos at home.  I choose to use a photo lab, such as or Sam's Club.  I have an Epson 1400 that
prints pretty spectacular photos, but I only use it for class projects
& random projects.  They aren't what I put in my photo
albums...sometimes those class projects end up in my scrapbooks, so they
are in my scrapbook.  I just prefer that my photos go through a
photo lab emullsion process.  I think it makes a better, longer
lasting print.  And when they get wet, they don't bleed (they just
stick to whatever surface they were near & tear to shreds when you
try to peel it away...that's all).  And the ink doesn't scratch off
of them with the blade from your paper trimmer.  But that's my
personal preference.  It's also my personal preference to have
photos printed...not left on a computer which will likely crash &
eat them all & then I'd be left totally upset because I lost all my
photos.  Would rather have a print any day.


  1. Thanks again for all your insite.
    Hope you had a great weekend.

  2. I love all 62 of my pictures. Loaded them to my computer and off to
    print them ALL at because Kirsten told me to!

  3. I upload my pictures to Sam's Club from home via their website:
    This way I don't have to deal with the super slow computer and can do it
    from the comfort of my own home. Then in one hour from the time I
    submit them at home they are ready to be picked up at Sam's Club:)