Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend Adventures

Who knew you would all have such great ideas (and fantasies)
about how to spend an extra day?  I posted the winner in the
"Closed Mondays & a Totally Random Contest" post below.  I
appreciate all the tips & ideas, that's for sure!  As for me,
I'm pretending that my Monday's off don't start until next is
a holiday, you know.  And my holiday plans include watching movies
& eating the divine no bake chocolate cookies my husband made me
last night...every last one of them.  And uploading pictures to (there's a link to the right of the screen that
will give you 15 free prints).  It seems I have not printed photos
for my photo album since July.  I don't want to get so behind....1)
because it would cost a fortune with the number of photos I take if I
don't spread it out over time and 2) I want to keep my photo albums
caught up.  It's become an obsession. 

But this morning started out on a rather great note.  I got to sleep in until 5:45.  Went for a walk and it was almost daylight
Had breakfast with Audra & Don at Cafe Espress.  Went to
Target.  Michael's.  Starbucks.  Now I'm sittin' here
fillin' you in on all the details.  But let me break it down for
you a little more, I like to share, you know.

So this morning, breakfast was at Cafe Espress. 

I have to tell you that we used to go here all the time. It's kind of expensive....$36 for 3 of us...but it was always so good we had to
go there.   And get the same exact thing every time.  Well,
after a bit, the food started to suck.  Just have to come out &
say it.  And thus the "Breakfast at...." posts began & we
started going to a new breakfast place every weekend.  I'm glad we
did, too.  We've found some GREAT breakfast spots...and some we
wouldn't send anyone to.  But I digress.  This morning, it
just sounded good.  They make my favorite iced tea

always get "The Rojo" omlet with lots of jalapenos.  This morning
it was super yummy but either they have a new cook or changed their
"process" because it looked completely different...and not in a good
way.  But trust me, it was yummy.


Don & Audra liked their food, too.  I just didn't get a
photo of it.  We had a great discussion about taking better
photos.  If I had just one tip to give you it would be
viewpoint.  Viewpoint will dramatically improve (or ruin) your
photos.  Walk around your subject...try different angles...YOU
move, not your subject.  See how that works for you.  Is there
more to photography?  Of course.  Tons more.  But this
one little thing will help.  Tremendously.

What's not to love about that place?  Next to AM&M, it's my
favorite store.  Today I used my birthday gift card from Lyn &
got a cool Halloween t-shirt for $5...and a book "Squeaky Green", which
is hilarious but useful.  It's made by the guys who make the
"Method" cleaning products.  And I'm trying to live a green life,
really I am.  Don't get me started on styrofoam take out

Michael's.  I know.  They have the
coupons.  But really, that store just doesn't do it for me.  I
checked out their scrapbooking stuff...just to see.  And it's
fine.  Really old, but fine.  They started carrying Bazzill
cardstock, which is what I carry, but just so you know, ours is .60
cents a sheet.  Theirs?  .69 cents a sheet.  And who's
going to use a 40% off coupon on a single sheet of paper?  It just
reaffirmed that yes, we have a great scrapbook store.  Sometimes
you can get a better deal at Michael's, but really, that's it. 
Just sometimes.

Starbucks.  What's not to love about a latte
on a cool September morning?  Especially one that goes especially
well with no bake chocolate cookies?

The Fair.  Went to the
fair yesterday.  It was pretty fun.  I swear though, every
year I get that much closer to being a vegetarian.  I just don't
need to see the animals & associate them with dinner.  It
completely grosses me out.  Always has.  Actually, the fair is
why I don't eat beef.  For like, 15 years now.  But that's
another story. 

My dad came along for the ride...I don't think he wanted to go, but was being a good sport.

Isn't he handsome?  Kendall was NOT in the mood to have her
photo taken.  The other day she informed me that she was tired of
strangers knowing who she is.  But I kept trying.  I don't
really ask her to smile anymore.  I just try to take photos.
This is Kendall in the midst of telling me, "NO MORE PICTURES, MOM!"


Ran into Kerry-Lyn and her family.  Her husband actually told
me that he loves it when she comes to scrapbook because then he gets to
have the boys all to himself.  Really?  Kerry-Lyn, you're a
lucky girl!  You can often find her at the store when she has a
spare 5 or 10 minutes...she's really an efficient scrapbooker...and
super nice, too!

Of course, my adorable nephews met us there.  The tear under
Ray's eye is because he didn't get to ride the little train.  Broke
my heart.  So I let him take my picture.


And here's his serious!

Don & Audra wanted to try fried twinkies (gag) but ended up
settling for fried Nutter Butter's.  Kinda weird.  Kinda
good.  Not something I need to try again.

After it started raining, Kendall got into drama mode....had a
headache...tired...whatever.  Bought herself a pair of
sunglasses...then the drama really came out.  I call this the
unabomber look...

And here's my best bud Audra & her husband, this
photo!  You should know photos of Jeff are hard to come by. 
As a matter of fact, I may never be allowed near him with a camera again
since I posted his photo here....shhhhh....let's not tell him!

Gotta love this bunny...

...he's so fat he's made his own pillow.  I'm feelin' your pain there, little bunny.

And here's my handsome husband...soaking wet from the torrential downpour...


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