Monday, September 29, 2008

We interrupt this regularly scheduled post.....

while I have lots of things to post about & tell you about...lots
of photos of an enormously fun Scrap Pink...& many other fun
things, I need to take a brief pause in blogging for a couple of
days.  You see, my father in law passed away quite
unexpectedly this weekend & we are in Yuma taking care of
things.  Thanks for understanding...I'll be back to posting in no
time flat!

PS:  The store is being expertly run by my super capable stop by & tell them hi!


  1. Our sympathies to you and your family, don't worry about stuff most important now, and yes you do have very capable

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you , Don, and Kendall. The store is
    in good hands and we all look forward to your return.

  3. Our thoughts & prayers are with you and your family during this
    difficult time, Kirsten. This weekend was terrific and Sunday went off
    without a hitch! Don't worry about the store.... we won't go rushing
    in, trying to use Michael's coupons! We all love you and miss you!

  4. i am so sorry. sending my love to you, don, and kendall. miss you.

  5. My prayers are with you at this sad time. Much love to you and your