Thursday, September 4, 2008


This morning I was pulling scallop squash from my garden with my
friend Kim & was wondering aloud what on earth I was going to do
with all this squash.  Kim suggested I make squash soup. 
Never even occurred to me.  See, I'm not much of a cook. 
Mostly because I get bored & in a hurry when I read a recipe &
never quite finish it the way it's supposed to be.  I leave out
whole steps...ingredients...I'm never allowed to make fried rice
again...but that's another story.  Then it doesn't turn out...big
surprise there!  So my sweet husband does all of our cooking. 
But this morning Kim inspired me & I made the most amazing squash
soup!  Oh my gosh is it good!  Kim said just to saute some
onion, garlic & celery (didn't have any celery, there I go
ad-libing), add the squash & carrots (since I have a TON of
carrots), boil in some broth & then blend it all together.  I
added a less than stellar looking jalapeno to it for some spice...

Told you I had a lot of squash...and that doesn't include what I've
been giving away...I didn't use the zucchini in the soup...but it made
for a colorful photo.


And I had to use vegetable broth (bullion) because, well, apparently
we don't keep chicken broth on hand...I do the shopping, not the
cooking.  Now that I think about it, maybe the cook should do the
shopping...nah!  The green bits are jalapeno...that sucker ended up
being super spicy...yum!


I topped it with a little 1/2 & 1/2 (which it turns out wasn't
really necessary) & some fresh cilantro.  I pureed it with my
immersion that thing is cool!  Who knew?

I was
so excited I ran outside & took another look around my garden to see
what was growing & what I could play with next.  I found...
watermelons are finally growing!  This one is about the size of a
volley ball, well maybe not quite that big...but how cool!  &
my pumpkin plants (the yellow blossom at the right top of the photo) has
2 tennis ball sized pumpkins growing.  Whoo hoo! 

And I
realized there's a reason you're supposed to thin your carrots when the
plants start growing.  But you know, I had no idea what I was
doing.  So now I have carrots that are growing intertwined with
each other.  It's actually pretty cool.

See the ones at the top right of the photo?  They grew that
way..they come apart, so they're not fused together, just intertwined,
like they're meant to be :)  How sweet!  So now I'm going to
upload these photos to, because really, I want to
scrapbook them.  I am so excited that I actually grew a
garden!  And then I actually made soup from scratch.  Without a
recipe.  It's a miracle!  Well, certainly an event that needs
to be scrapbooked...right up there with the "Horse Pooh" page I did
about getting the garden started...should show it in it's glory,
too...ok, now I'm just to you later!

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  1. Oh so very glad that you were able to reap the fruits (or vegetables in this case) of your labor!