Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Practicing what I preach

From Friday night until Sunday morning, I took 356 photos.  Not
including the ones I deleted immediately.  Yep,'s not a
typo.  I just checked my iPhoto & I have 3,436 photos on my
computer.  That I got in January.  Again, just the ones I
kept.  So, what's a girl to do when she has a ridiculous amount of

This is from 1991 to April, 2008.  23 books.  I just
finished filling my 2nd book for 2008 (just didn't make it to the shelf
yet).  So in all, I have 24 books for 17 years.  Now what this
doesn't include, is the 10 or so scrapbooks I've already done.  My
plan is to add those pages to these albums, but first, I think I have
to buy another shelving unit, don't you think?

I've talked a lot about simplifying your scrapbooking.  Getting photos in albums.  Getting, dare I say, caught up.  You can read all about it here, or by clicking on the scrapbook project category on the right, at the bottom. 

Here's my problem in a nutshell.  I'm a perfectionist.  I
had one entire set of photos in regular photo albums...and one entire
set of duplicates plus any enlargements I thought I might need in photo
boxes.  With memorabilia...and tons of dust bunnies & a few
stray spiders.  I am also a chronological scrapbooker...comes with
the whole perfectionist thing...and I took one look at my 30 or so boxes
of photos & thought, "I am never going to get caught up.  I have got to
do something else."  So I ordered a bazillion 12x12 photo sleeves
for the We R Memory Keeper albums & a bazillion 12x12 We R Memory
Keepers post bound albums & started putting everything in them in
chronological order.  I even mixed in my scrapbook pages with
them.  Because lets face it folks, there is no way I could ever
scrapbook every photo I take...remember the 3,436 photos...just since January

Along the way I hit a few bumps:  if your photos aren't 4x6
you'll have to add a piece of cardstock to keep them from flying is not so easy when you screw up & get the photos out of
order, so I switched them all to ring (I have the ring albums for the
bottom 3 that you see that are post, just haven't switched them
yet)'re bookshelf needs to be able to handle a lot of weight (the
one I picked won't last long). 

But I've found some solutions, too:  you don't have to keep everything (that one was HARD)'s
ok to mix page protector sizes (when I switched my books from post to
ring, there was no way I was switching out the photo sleeves,
way!) 8 1/2 x11 sleeves work great for certificates & school photos
& don't look at all out of place in your's better (for
me) to have the photos & the scrapbook pages together, in the same
album.  And I like the look of the albums being the same, but it
looks equally as cool to have them all different.

Why did I pick the We R Memory Keepers albums & photo
sleeves?  Well, first of all, We R Memory Keepers has been around
for 80 or so years (I think they used to be Hiller).  Their albums
are well made.  Durable.  Nice to look at.  And I LOVE
the Silverstone Linen.  They were the first ones to come out with
photo sleeves for your scrapbooks and of all the ones I've tried,
they're the best quality.  So of all the choices I have for albums,
I feel like the We R Memory Keepers ones are right for me.  I know
that Ali Edwards loves American Crafts albums, and they're nice,
too.  You just have to find what you love.

And here's the thing:  I have every photo in an album now (up to the County Fair last week).  I get
to scrapbook the photos I love.  I took 356 photos from my
daughters birthday this weekend.  I'll scrapbook maybe 6.  But
all the rest of the photos will be in the's important to me
for them to be there....I'm not good at deleting.  But now I look
forward to scrapbooking.  It's not the daunting chore I once
thought it to be.  It's fun! 

Here are some samples of how I incorporate photo sleeves with the scrapbook pages:





These happen to be double page layouts that I did, but I tend to just do a single 12x12 layout now.  

Up next on the agenda:  What do you do with all those photos???  Check back soon for my solution.


  1. Every time I see those Christmas photos I love them more each time.
    They really capture the story. Makes me wish I was part of your family!

  2. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing. I have 4yrs of pictures just
    sitting...and I cant get caught up. Plus, I would love to do my wedding
    album, an album of our hertiage, and an album or 2 from my
    childhood/high school years. Thanks again!!!!

  3. I love this idea.  I had seen a similar post from Ali Edwards, and
    now that I've seen it twice I am so DOWN with this format. It's all
    about organized and uniform on the outside, yet promotes the randomness
    and imperfection within that reflects real life and makes a scrapbook
    really interesting. Perfect scrapbooks are boring. My garden has been
    the one place in my world that I allow rowdy abandon within defined
    boundaries.  Now I think I can do the same with scrap pages in
    matching binders.  As long as the OUTSIDE is MATCHING ORDERLY I
    can let my imagination and creativity roam on the pages within. 
    There are no HAVE TO's, just WANT TO's.  Thanks for
    sharing!  HollyPK
    P.S. I had a fab time at Midnight Madness last night. I just love being
    around such a lively bunch of GIRLS!  Being at AM&M has become
    one of my favorite places.  Thanks for making me welcome! 

  4. Wow, gotta get on top of that game! Glad you got more linen albums in!