Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New From Fiskars


Direct from the mouths of Fiskar's....

Fiskars has a rockin' new tool, and it's called the Rock, Paper,
. This is a trimmer like no other- speakers for your MP3 player
are built right into it! We took one of these new trimmers and passed
it around to some of the fiskars design team to see what they could
make using this trimmer. Fiskars 45mm rotary blades (that work in other
45mm trimmers and rotary fabric cutters) work in this trimmer, just
another great feature it has to offer. Some other wonderful things
about the trimmer's features are-

Music related features:
* Universal connector
plug fits into any headphone jack – allows you to play music from any
portable music player (MP3, CD, Tape) or even laptop computer
* Built-in speakers powered by your MP3 player – no need for batteries or outlets
* Softgrip cradle for MP3 player – protects and holds your MP3 player while trimming

 Cutting related features:
* Softgrip blade carriage – comfortable right or left handed use
* Paper grip under the guide rail keeps paper from moving while trimming – fewer mistakes in cutting
* Replaceable 4-sided cutting strip – protects blades and prolongs sharpness
* 45mm rotary blade format – several different decorative blades are available for unique cutting edge designs

These will be amazing holiday presents for anyone on your list!  We have a couple in stock...come check them out!

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