Friday, September 5, 2008

Just a thought...

I am sitting here things, while trying not to think about the fact
that Kendall will be 14 on Sunday.  Keeps coming back to that
though...ANYWAY, I was thinking about other products I could bring into
the store...more greeting cards....gifty things...I don't know, just
some rambling thoughts...then I thought "why not ask YOU, my trusted
customers & friends?"  Duh.  So I'll put the question to

When you walk through our doors, what products would you like to
see?  They can be scrapbooking or not....crafting or's a
hypothetical question.  Just curious to see if maybe I'm missing
the boat on somthing fabulous.  Do you wish you could by single
sheets of wrapping paper?  What about greeting cards (yes, I
realize we can make them...but there are those who run in the door with
no desire to make one...go figure!)  Did you see somthing really
great on vacation but can't find it in Flagstaff?  You know, those
types of things.  Do I really want to carry dish towels? 
No...but maybe some fancy schmancy chocolates?  So think about
it & leave me a comment.  If you'd rather email me privately,
that's ok, too. FYI We'll always be a scrapbook store...but that doesn't mean we can't have other fun stuff, too!


  1. I feel your pain. My baby will be 20 tomorrow.

  2. Griffin turns 2 this Sunday, can't imagine him turning 14. Happy
    Birthday Kendall.
    I personally don't get into all that gifty kind of stuff, so it's not a
    huge draw for me...and I don't see myself buying any in the near future.
    You do an AWESOME job of carrying the new hot scrapping items so I
    don't feel like they are lacking...sometimes I wish that you would get
    more of the newest Quickutz in, but then again I can always request
    those dies that I really want (I don't NEED any). I've also thought it
    would be neat if the store had an instore sewing machine for sewing on
    pages..but not sure how that would work as far as cost and taking turns
    using...overall I think you rock! AMM is my home away from home, LOVE

  3. Well, the one thing I've been wishing for is more, different rub-on
    alphabets. I'm also a sucker for all the little gadgets you can buy to
    make scrapping faster/easier. I like to accessorize and that goes for
    my scrapping stuff too.
    I think you have plenty of gifty things. I really love the candles, but
    don't get into much else. I've bought a couple gifty things for my
    mother-in-law, but thats about it. I really just like to come into the
    store for crafty/scrappy stuff. You could sell whatever air freshener
    you use! It always smells soooo good in your store!

  4. Ditto. I probably wouldn't look at gift cards and such. I love your
    store 'cause it's packed with so much scrappin' stuff and would hate to
    see that space given over to gift store items.

  5. I was thinking about my response for a day and was surprised to see that
    in the meantime, others have written pretty much what I was thinking.
    If I can't/don't make a gift for someone for whatever reason, I usually
    do gift cards.
    Hope you enjoy the birthday celebration! The years sure do seem to fly

  6. The store is perfect the way it is. Keep doing what you are doing, you
    are always bringing new things into the store that I love. Please tell
    Kendall that I wish her a very happy birthday!!!!

  7. Well since I work at the store I can say that we always have new neat
    stuff. But of course I am the person who loves to give gifts in those
    neat little tins or pails, and I can't always find them online, it would
    be cool if we carried those things more often.

  8. I love the store the way it is. Of course I understand new products
    always is a good thing. I just really want you and others to know you
    are doing a fabulos job of keeping the new things coming. I'm not
    exactly sure what eles could be added. You are fabulos person to work
    for but also a great friend to have. All in all you make the store a
    home away from home.
    Thanks for all you do !!!!

  9. This is the company that makes the books that I have mentioned before. I believe thay are local to the Valley.

  10. bring it all in - like to see all the new stuff and well - the more you
    have the more I want to see.
    OK - so i probably didn't answer the question. so ok... I love to see
    ideas (lo's, cards, etc) of the products that are available. seeing
    these help me to buy the products. Like I need help in deciding what to
    buy. LOL
    you'll need more wall space.. how about a hang down from the ceiling
    with more Lo's and ideas. gone overboard - huh??
    I love your store from the day it opened - to now & always will!
    bring it in - all of it!