Friday, September 19, 2008

The funniest thing...

Like you, I have a pretty set morning routine.  I do everything
in the same order...everyday.  It ends with me spraying my hair
with hairspray...I won't bore you with the other details...and lately,
it ends with kicking my dogs out of my bedroom & shutting the
bedroom door.  See, that cute little Westie, Mia, of mine has a
tendency to pee on my bedroom floor...NOT what you want to come home
to.  So I started shutting them out.  I always have to roust
Maggie (the mutt) out of a sound sleep & she slinks into the living
room, like "how dare she interrupt my nap".  Well, the past several
mornings, when Maggie hears me spray my hairspray she's been coming to
the bathroom door...without being asked....just comes & waits. 
SO funny!  First time I thought it was a fluke...but then it kept I can't train her not to lunge on her leash, but I can
train her to leave my bedroom when I spray hairspray...go figure!

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  1. Hi Kirsten, Just wanted to let you know I used
    for my latest set of pictures. The photos turned out great and I even
    tried a couple of specialty pictures (black and white with "2008" added
    for first day of school pics). I will be using them again. Thanks for
    the tip!